How many buildings are there in Parkchester?

Comprised of 112 residential buildings spread out over 129 acres, Parkchester today is home to more than 40,000 residents occupying some 8,000 condo and rental units. The community is also home to dozens of retail shops, restaurants and even a multiplex movie theatre.

Who owns Parkchester in the Bronx?

MetLife Acquires the Site Metropolitan Life Insurance Company acquired a 129-acre site from the New York Catholic Protectory (combination orphanage and reformatory) for the purposes of developing the Parkchester residential complex.

Does NYCHA have houses?

According to NYCHA, more than 160,000 applicants are on the waitlist — and NYCHA only has about 179,000 apartments. NYCHA also administers housing in thousands of units through Section 8 — in which tenants live in private apartments with rent subsidized by the federal government.

Is Parkchester public housing?

Parkchester is a planned community and neighborhood originally developed by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and located in the central Bronx, New York City. The privately owned housing complex is patrolled by the Parkchester Department of Public Safety. …

Is Parkchester good place to live?

Parkchester is a nice place to live in. Definitely one of the quieter places to live in the Bronx. There is a large metropolitan area full of restaurants, cafes, libraries, and stores. There is a 6 train stop and many buses throughout Parkchester one can take to get to various places in the city.

Is Parkchester low income?

A recent report by PropertyClub looked to see which are the top 50 most affordable streets and neighborhoods for home buyers and Parkchester in The Bronx, the world’s largest condominium development with over 12,000 apartments, dominated the top of both lists.

What county is parkchester NY in?

Bronx County

What is it like to live at Parkchester apartments?

Like all apartments at Parkchester, they have hardwood floors, ample closet space, full sized windowed kitchens and windowed baths. Two kitchen finishes are available: Warm Cherry or Arctic Ribbon.

What is the NYCHA property Directory?

NYCHA’s Property Directory is divided into four sections: Address, Development, Political Districts, and the Block and Lot guides. These four indexed property data guides provide easy access to information about properties owned by NYCHA. Organized by borough with the property addresses listed alphabetically with the development name.

What is the integrated pest management system for NYCHA?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) NYCHA is changing how it treats pests through its integrated pest management (IPM) approach. Under IPM, exterminators will use less pesticide spray and more pesticide gel for roaches, which is a safer measure for everyone. NYCHA Brings Vaccination Sites to Residents