How long should I leave my iPod in rice?

Turn it off and leave it off.

  1. Do NOT attempt to power it on, this will likely permanently damage the device.
  2. Place the device in a bag with uncooked rice or silica gel packs and leave it there for at least 48 hrs, 72 hrs.
  3. After it has been removed from the bag, attempt to power the device on.

Can you fix a water damaged iPod?

You may have to take it to an Apple Store or a water damage restoration specialist. Apple’s Limited Warranty for iPod (Nano, Shuffle, Classic, or iPod Touch) does not include coverage for liquid damages. If it is still possible to repair, you can also take advantage of Apple’s out-of-warranty service.

How do I revive my iPod?

Press and hold both the Sleep/Wake and Home button until the screen turns off. Then wait a few seconds for your device to restart. Still need help? Plug your iPod into power, then try again.

How do I dry out my iPod?

Put it in rice. Get a ziplock bag big enough to hold the wet iPhone or iPod and some rice. Re-insert the SIM card, put the device in the bag, and fill most of the bag with uncooked rice. Leave it in the bag for a couple of days. The rice should draw the moisture out of the device.

Can I Dry my iPhone with uncooked rice instead of rice?

Also, you probably have plenty of uncooked rice in your house already. Open air is probably better than rice for drying your iPhone. However, uncooked rice is far less absorbent than silica gel, and possibly even worse than leaving your device to dry in the open air.

How long does it take for rice to dry an iPod?

Method 1 Using Rice. Wait at least 24 hours. The amount of time can vary, but you want to make sure that your iPod is completely dry before powering it back on. Give it a few days if you want to be really sure.

How do you get moisture out of an iPod Nano?

Place your iPod in a bag filled with uncooked rice. You want enough rice to completely cover your iPod. Uncooked rice is good at absorbing moisture and is too large to get stuck in the openings for your headphones and other cables.

Can I use uncooked rice instead of silica gel for iPhone?

If you need silica gel quicker than that—which is highly likely if you got your iPhone, iPad, or AirPods wet—you can get silica gel from Amazon with next-day delivery or buy some from stores like Walmart. Can I Use Uncooked Rice Instead? A lot of people suggest using uncooked rice instead of silica gel to dry your wet iPhone, iPad, or AirPods.