How does Zettai Kareshi end?

In the end Gaku and Yuki (the kid that worked for Kronos) felt sorry for the two of them and gave them a little reprieve, even though they knew it would cost them their jobs. Soushi suddenly announces that he’s going to Spain. All the friends (and figures) threw a farewell party for them.

Is Absolute Boyfriend an anime?

The manga series was adapted into an 11-episode live-action drama series that aired in Japan in 2008….Absolute Boyfriend.

絶対彼氏。 (Zettai Kareshi)
Written by Yuu Watase
Published by Shogakukan
English publisher AUS Madman Entertainment Viz Media Chuang Yi

What happens Absolute Boyfriend?

Absolute Boyfriend tells the story of a special effects make-up artist (Minah) who recently broke up with her long-time actor boyfriend (Hong Jong Hyun) that ends up with the perfect robot boyfriend (Yeo Jin Goo) delivered to her. He really is the perfect boyfriend! Hong Jong Hyun plays the star actor Ma Wang Joon.

What is the ending of Absolute Boyfriend?

She thanks Young-gu tearfully for teaching her how to love with her whole heart, and she promises that she’ll live her life remembering the things that he left her. She says she’ll remember his love forever, and tells him one last time that she loves him.

How many episodes is my absolute boyfriend?

My Absolute Boyfriend/Number of episodes

How many episodes does my absolute boyfriend has?

What is the story of my robot boyfriend?

A story revolving around a medical student who gets into an accident and receives mechanical enhancements implanted by his own father. It follows a man who is half-human and half-robot and his encounters when it comes to romance, family, and friendship.

How many episodes does my absolute boyfriend have?

How many episodes of my absolute boyfriend are there?

How many episodes does my doctor boyfriend have?

During the course of the series, 36 episodes of My Absolute Boyfriend aired on SBS TV, while 40 episodes were released internationally.

What do I need to know about dating a doctor?

Things to Expect When You’re Dating a Medical Doctor

  • Being a doctor is not an eight-to-five office job.
  • They’re always going to be busier than you.
  • Doctors are always stressed!
  • You will be the one planning in your relationship.
  • It will take a lot to gross you out.
  • You’ll learn to be selfless.