How do you synthesize Methcathinone?

The synthesis of methcathinone is generally accomplished by oxidation of ephedrine-type compounds using either dichro mate or permanganate (Scheme 1). Ephedrine and pseu doephedrine yield methcathinone upon oxidation of the ben- zylic hydroxyl group to the corresponding carbonyl-containing aminoketone.

Where is Methcathinone found?

Methcathinone, a methyl derivative of cathinone, is an illicit drug also known as ephedrone. It is a stimulant found in the “khat” plant, Catha edulis, which can easily be synthesized from pseudoephedrine.

How do you synthesize ephedrine?

Natural ephedrine is prepared by extraction from Ephedra plants. This process is typically employed for ephedrine manufactured in China. Semi-synthetic ephedrine is prepared by fermentation of sugar followed by amination, a process known to be used in India. Fully chemically synthesized ephedrine is produced elsewhere.

Can you overdose from cat?

Khat Drug Overdose Symptoms: Although it is possible to overdose on khat, it is not an occurrence that happens often, and currently, it is not a topic that is well understood in the medical community. Khat drug overdose symptoms – also known as Khat toxicity – includes delusions, appetite loss and respiratory problems.

How much does khat cost?

Khat leaves are sold attached to thick stalks or dried like tea leaves. A bundle of 40 leafed twigs costs about $28 to $50. The plant’s cost has been linked to family problems, including domestic abuse, said Starlin Mohamud, a Somali immigrant who is completing a dissertation on khat at San Diego State University.

What is cat in drug terms?

Methcathinone /ˌmɛθˈkæθɪˌnoʊn/ (α-methylamino-propiophenone or ephedrone) (sometimes called “cat” or “jeff” or “catnip” or “M-Kat” or “kat” or “intash” ) is a monoamine alkaloid and psychoactive stimulant, a substituted cathinone.

Is cathinone water soluble?

Some users insufflate (snort) mephedrone, but most of the cathinones are ingested. Since they are soluble in water, these substances can also be injected.

How do you preserve khat?

Khat is usually packaged in plastic bags or wrapped in banana leaves to retain its moistness and freshness. It is often sprinkled with water during transport to keep the leaves moist.