How do you get the serious ending in The Stanley Parable?

Obtaining The Ending Enable the console for the game by any means that make it possible. Launch the game, then type sv_cheats 1 to be teleported to the Serious Room.

Can you stop the nuke in Stanley Parable?

Several players have unearthed the map to figure out what the buttons are and what they do. They have no entities tied to them that would stop the countdown. In other words, despite player folklore, the countdown cannot be stopped in any way, shape, or form, unless through heavy map editing.

Whats the code in The Stanley Parable?

2845 is the code for the keypad in The Stanley Parable HD remake.

How do you open the console in Stanley Parable?

Enabling the Console

  1. Open up your Steam library.
  2. Right click The Stanley Parable and click Properties.
  3. Select Launch Options. In the text box that appears, type -console (or -dev console)
  4. Launch the game as normal.

How do you get the escape pod ending?

For narration heard in the Escape Pod Ending Overwrite Mod, see Escape Pod Ending/Narration. The Escape Pod Ending (also known as the Launch Pod Ending) is the ending that occurs when the Player goes through the Boss’s Office and then walks backward, disabling the Narrator. The Stanley Parable – Escape Pod Ending with Developer Console

How many endings are there in the Stanley Parable?

There are nineteen achieveable endings found in The Stanley Parable. Some of them end with a restart, others need the player to restart themselves. Obey everything The Narrator tells you to do.

What is the Stanley Parable Adventure line™ or line™?

After two restarts (ending with multiple doors, then with no doors,) the Narrator decides to use a guide called The Stanley Parable Adventure Line™ or Line™ for short. However, the Adventure Line™ keeps leading back to the Monitor Room.

What happens to Stanley as he walks through the rooms without end?

As Stanley walks through the rooms without end, he begins to question everything, believing himself to be in a dream. He imagines himself to be a bird and to be flying through a star field in space, and then believes the Narrator is just a voice in his head, but then he realizes that he is not dreaming and ends up screaming for help, dropping dead.