How do you find the model number on a Frigidaire refrigerator with Cubic Feet?

Multiply the numbers together (W x D x H) and divide the total by 1728 to get the cubic feet. For example, if you have a refrigerator that measures 30″ wide by 30″ deep by 48″ high, you multiply 30 X 30 X 48. This gives you 43200.

Is fftr1814tw an Energy Star?

The frost-free condenser means this fridge requires less upkeep and is longer lasting. This fridge is certified to be Energy Star rated, saving you more in electric bills in the long-haul.

How wide is an 18 cubic foot refrigerator?

The Frigidaire Top Freezer Refrigerator (18 Cu Ft) has an overall height of 66.125” (168 cm), width of 30” (76.2 cm), and depth of 32.125” (81.6 cm).

How many watts is my Frigidaire fridge?

To determine the wattage of your refrigerator, look at the sticker inside your fridge and search for the number of volts and amps. Multiply these numbers to determine how many watts your fridge uses. For example, an old refrigerator could have a 115 V and 6.5 amps, for a total of 747.5 watts.

How do I know how many cubic feet My refrigerator is?

If you are wondering how to measure the cubic feet of a refrigerator, measure the refrigerator’s interior width, height and depth and multiply all three numbers together. You may need to remove shelves and drawers to get the most accurate measurements.

Is 18 cubic feet small for a refrigerator?

Most top-mount refrigerator/freezer units range from about 23 to 36 inches in width, 65 to 69 inches in height, and 24 to 33 inches in depth. In addition, it will have an interior volume of between 10 and 25 cubic feet, with between 7.5 and 18 cubic feet (the majority) in the fridge part alone.

Is 18 cu ft refrigerator enough?

of refrigerator space, with some extra space for holidays and other gatherings. A couple who doesn’t cook at home very often will need about 12-16 cu. ft. Two people who do more cooking at home should look for a minimum of 18 cu.

How many cu ft is a standard refrigerator?

When it comes to the interior, the refrigerator itself should provide you with 14 to 20 cubic feet of space. Totally, however, you are looking at an average between 22 and 31 cubic feet. Of course, some smaller kitchens may consider a smaller size refrigerator to be more standard.

How many watts does a 18 cubic-foot refrigerator use?

Power Consumption Of 18 Cubic-Foot To 19 Cubic-Foot Refrigerators. The power consumption of 18 cubic-foot refrigerators (up to 19 cubic feet included in this section) ranges from 404 kWh to 553 kWh per year.

How many watts does a 16 cubic-foot refrigerator use?

Appliance Consumption Table

Appliance Watts
Freezer – Upright – 15 cu. ft. 1240 Wh/Day**
Freezer – Chest – 15 cu. ft. 1080 Wh/Day**
Fridge – 20 cu. ft. (AC) 1411 Wh/day**
Fridge -16 cu. ft. (AC) 1200 Wh/day**