How do I recruit Harken and Karel?

Kenneth’s Map: To get Harken, you must defeat AT MOST 1 promoted magic enemy by the end of turn 9. To get Karel, you must defeat AT LEAST 2 magic promoted enemies by the end of turn 9. Kenneth and the general do not count for the promoted enemy counter.

How do you recruit Erk?

He is first seen in chapter 4 and is recruited by talking to Serra with Lyn. He is a very stubborn and easily irritated. He is also bitter a majority of the time. He is re-recruited by going to the town in the top of the map in chapter 14 of both Hector’s and Eliwood’s sagas.

Who can recruit Nino?

Nino is a non playable character that can be recruited by talking to her with a lord in chapter 26 in Eliwood’s Saga and chapter 28 in Hector’s. You need to hurry as enemies will come after her giving you little time to recruit her. She starts off very weak but if trained is the most powerful magic user in the game.

How do I get Legault fe7?

Legault can be recruited by having the main lord (either Eliwood or Hector depending on the mode) or Lyn speak to him. His goal before joining the player is to loot all of the items in the treasure chests in that level and make off with them.

How do I get Karla fe7?

In order to recruit her, three conditions have to be met: playing in Hector mode (whether Normal or Hard), having Bartre promoted to a level 5 Warrior before Chapter 31(x) starts, and including Bartre among the units taken into the stage itself.

How many chapters are in blazing blade?

Chapters. From the beginning of Lyn’s tale to the end of Eliwood or Hector’s tale, the game is 32 (Eliwood) or 34 (Hector) chapters long, counting the prologue and final chapter but none of the sidequests.

How do I recruit Nino and Jaffar?

Jaffar is automatically recruited in chapter 26x Eliwood’s saga, and chapter 28x Hector’s if you talk to him with Nino the chapter before. He starts off being cold and uncaring but with Nino’s kindness he begins to waver from being a heartless Assassin.

Can you recruit Jaffar Fire Emblem?

How do you recruit Renault fe7?

Renault first appears in chapter 18x in Eliwood’s saga and chapter 19x in Hector’s in a building on the bottom right corner of the map. He is not recruitable until chapter 30 in Eliwood’s saga and chapter 31 in Hector’s.