How do I look up court cases in Victoria?

To track a case, visit the EFAS website and:

  1. find the case – or person – you want to track by using the ‘browse court’ or ‘case search’ tab.
  2. click on the case number you want to track.
  3. enter your details, in the ‘case tracking’ section, at the bottom of the case you have opened.
  4. click the ‘submit details’ button.

What is a Court mention?

A mention simply means that your case is mentioned in Court, and that your charges are not yet formally listed for a plea of guilty or a plea of not guilty. The first date that your matter is listed at Court is called the first mention.

Can the public attend Court hearings Victoria?

Most courtroom hearings are open to the public but certain standards of behaviour while in the court, or courtroom conduct, must be followed. All visitors to the Court must go through a security screening procedure before entering. Visit the security page for information around conditions of entry.

Do all cases go through magistrates Court?

Virtually all criminal court cases start in a magistrates’ court, and around 95% will be completed there. The more serious offences are passed on to the Crown Court, either for sentencing after the defendant has been found guilty in a magistrates’ court, or for full trial with a judge and jury.

Should you plead not guilty?

You should definitely plead NOT GUILTY to your criminal or traffic charge! On most criminal charges and some traffic charges, the Judge can put you in jail or, if it is a felony, in prison! Some people worry that if they plead “Not Guilty,” when they feel they are really guilty, that it could hurt them later.

What does LC mean in court?

Local Court Sentencing: A Practical Overview. Vaughan Roles1. Solicitor, Criminal Law Section.

What happens if you do not attend a court hearing?

Failing to Attend Court If you do not attend your court hearing, when a new bail decision is to be made, the Court may be less likely to grant you bail and you would then have to wait in prison until the conclusion of your case.

What happens if you miss a court date Victoria?

The court can issue a warrant for the arrest of a person released on bail if they fail to come to court when required under the bail, or if there is a need to impose additional conditions or security on the bail. If a person released on bail fails to attend court when required, the court can choose to extend bail.