How do I delete my Jeppesen account?

Resolution: Open the ForeFlight application. Select More in the bottom right. Select Jeppesen on the left. Under the ‘Coverage’ block on the right, tap the red ‘Remove’ button.

Is ForeFlight available on Android?

Clarification: ForeFlight can file from phones just fine. It can’t file from YOUR phone because you’ve got an Android phone. That doesn’t make it a poor product, it makes it a product that does not support the platform you chose.

How do I uninstall JeppView?

Uninstall JeppView by going to Programs and Features in the Control Panel and selecting Jeppesen Program and Data Installation, then clicking Remove. Select ‘Uninstall Jeppesen Program and Data Installation’, then click Next. Check both boxes next to ‘Remove user created files – RoutePacks, etc.

How do I delete Jeppfd pro?

To deactivate Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro: 1. Tap the Settings icon near the top right corner of any Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro screen. 2. Scroll down to locate the Deactivate option.

What is Jeppesen flitedeck Pro X?

Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro X is the latest offering for the commercial airline market and brings together a best-in-class suite of technologies into the industry’s leading electronic flight bag (EFB) solution.

Does flitedeck Pro X work with Bad Elf GPS pro?

FliteDeck Pro X (for Windows) version 10.x no longer connects directly with Bluetooth GPS devices such as the Bad Elf GPS Pro and Garmin GLO 2. As a workaround, follow these steps to configure the application to connect directly to the COM port for the Bluetooth receiver.

Why are my Jeppesen charts not showing up on the downloads page?

Jeppesen charts will not show up on the Downloads page if the Jeppesen charts subscription has not been activated within ForeFlight Mobile or the site key has been deactivated.

How do I activate flitedeck pro on Windows 10?

Windows 10: Tap the Windows button, tap the All app button, and then tap the Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro tile. Activating Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro If you attempt to run FliteDeck Pro and it is not activated, the app displays a message that indicates a missing activation link.