How do I create a tcode for a program in ABAP?

Follow the below mentioned steps to create a tcode for an ABAP report program. Go to SE93( Maintain Transaction ). Enter the name of the tcode to be created and press create. Enter the short text for the tcode, choose “Program and selection screen(report transaction)” radio button and press continue.

How do I find the tcode for a program in SAP?

Using transaction SE80 Go to transaction SE80 and select Program in the list. Fill the program name and click on Display. In the list below, look for Transactions.

What are the Tcodes in ABAP?

Transaction codes are used in SAP for getting an easy access to custom applications or to call predefined processes. Transaction codes are a kind of shortcuts for different applications. Various categories of transaction codes are defined according to application area and modules.

How do I view ABAP programs in SAP?

To open ABAP programs directly from within the ABAP Editor, select the menu path Tools → ABAP Workbench → Development → ABAP Editor from the SAP menu of SAP Easy Access (or start Transaction SE38).

How do I create a new tcode?

How to create transaction code (tcode) in SAP?

  1. Go to transaction SE93 (Maintain Transaction Codes).
  2. In Transaction Code field put transaction name that you want to create i.e. “ZSAP_EXAMPLE“:
  3. Click on Create button:
  4. Put transaction description in Short text field:

What is SE93 used for in SAP?

SE93 is a transaction code used for Maintain Transaction Codes in SAP. It comes under the package SEUA. When we execute this transaction code, SAPLSEUK is the normal standard SAP program that is being executed in background.

How do you create Tcodes?

What is Badi in SAP ABAP?

BADI (Business Add-In) is a new SAP Object Oriented enhancement technique which is used to add our own business functionality to the existing SAP standard functionality. BADI’s are available in SAP R/3 from the system release 4.6c.

How do I run an ABAP code?


  1. Step 1: Create new ABAP program. In the toolbar, choose New > ABAP Program…:
  2. Step 2: Create ABAP local class.
  3. Step 3: Create CREATE method.
  4. Step 4: Implement RUN method.
  5. Step 6: Save and activate ABAP program.
  6. Step 7: Run the ABAP program.
  7. Step 8: Output system variables.
  8. Step 9: Run the ABAP program.

How do I open Tcodes in SAP?

Use the Create a New Session button to open a new working window for the current log on. (You can also type /o in the Command field and hit enter to do the same thing. Type /o + a t-code to open a new window in a specific transaction; e.g. /oPA20.)