How do I check my cargo tracking?

Air Cargo Tracking made easy – click on the airline name and visit the air cargo tracking site of the Airline. All you need is the AWB-number. You can sort by airline-prefix if you prefer. If you know an air cargo tracking site that is not included here, please send the link for inclusion!

How do I track my airasia express cargo?

Air Asia Package Tracking The tracking number should be available for you on the merchant’s website/app. Go to your orders, click the order that is shipped by Air Asia, see its details and you will either find the Air Asia tracking number or a link/button that enables Air Asia parcelsapp tracking.

How do I track an airway bill number?

Enter your Airway Bill or Reference Number in to the Tracking Box provided. To track multiple shipments, you can enter up to 25 Airway Bill or Reference Numbers separated by a comma. After entering your Airway Bill or Reference Numbers click on “Track” button to receive the latest updated status of your shipment.

What airline is prefix 112?

China Cargo Airlines Ltd.
China Cargo Airlines

Legal Name China Cargo Airlines Ltd.
Airline Code 112
IATA Designator CK
Region China & North Asia

How do you check air waybill?

Air Waybill Number

  1. The first 3 digits are the Airline Prefix.
  2. The next 7 digits is the Serial Number of the AWB.
  3. The last digit is the Check digit. The check digit is derived by dividing the 7 digit Serial Number by 7. The remainder determines the Check Digit.

Is Air Waybill same as tracking number?

An Air Waybill is more commonly known as your FedEx shipping label or tracking number. It contains all of the package information as well as its barcoding and the 12 digit number used to track your shipment on its journey.

Which airline code is SV?

Saudi Arabian Airlines Corporation
Saudi Arabian Airlines

Legal Name Saudi Arabian Airlines Corporation
Airline Code 065
IATA Designator SV
Region Africa & Middle East

What is pro number tracking?

A PRO number, or PRO tracking number, is used by carriers to organize and track the progress of each shipment. A PRO number is defined in the industry as “progressive + number”. If you were given a PRO number for your shipment, you can track your shipment on