How do I audition my child for commercials?

In a nutshell, the steps you need to follow to find auditions for your child are:

  1. Get them into school plays.
  2. Get them into community theater groups.
  3. Pay for classes.
  4. Gain some experience and get a few community / non-paying / just for fun productions under your belt.
  5. Network with others.

How do you get into commercial auditions?

How to Get Commercial Auditions Quickly:

  1. Log onto commercial casting websites and start submitting yourself.
  2. Notice what’s working and what’s not so you know what to improve.
  3. Create your marketing materials.
  4. As you start booking more jobs, you can begin looking for a commercial agent.

How much do child commercial actors make?

For TV commercials, pay is between $618 and $1,037 per commercial for on-camera work and between $412 and $720 for off-camera, voice-only work. Actors of all ages had a median salary of $17.49 an hour in May 2017. Median salaries are the point in a list where half earned more and half earned less.

How legit is KidsCasting?

Is KidsCasting an Agency? To be clear, is not a talent agency, talent scout, or employer of any kind. They don’t directly contract with actors or even guarantee your child will find work. They’re simply a venue for companies to post casting calls, auditions, and acting jobs for children.

Is kids casting legit?

Kids Casting takes safety very seriously, so you know that every job you apply to is safe and secure. Kids Casting is the best way to ensure that you’re not being scammed, that the acting and modeling jobs are legit, and that your kids are having fun. Use Kids Casting to Launch Your Child’s Career

How to find acting auditions?

Use your connections. Ask acting coaches,fellow actors,and friends if they know of any acting opportunities in your area.

  • Search for casting calls. You can find auditions,acting jobs,and casting calls online. Many websites share casting calls online.
  • Use social media. Facebook,Instagram,YouTube,and Twitter are an excellent resource for getting auditions.
  • Create an account on audition sites. Visit websites like and sign up for their free newsletter,profile,and platform.
  • Contact your local film office. This can be an excellent resource for finding legitimate opportunities,acting auditions,and casting calls.
  • What is casting call audition?

    ” An Open Call (also referred to as an open casting call or open audition) is an acting audition or a modeling audition where anyone who wants to audition can show up and audition. An Open Call is much different from a typical scheduled acting audition.

    What are casting calls?

    Casting calls are notices made to the public or to casting agencies that actors are required for an upcoming production. The term can be applied widely, since anyone from a student filmmaker to a major motion picture studio can issue such a call.