How did the Black Knight survive?

[In the Japanese version, the Black Knight survived because of a malfunction of the warp powder. He stated that during the battle only his spirit was warped inside the castle, and not his body. Since his body is elsewhere, that means it can’t be inside the castle to be buried.

How old is sanaki?

Sanaki is aged 10 in Path of Radiance and 13 in Radiant Dawn. The fire tome Cymbeline is unique to her.

Who was talking to black night?

The main question fans will probably have about the post-credits scenes, other than “wait is that Harry Styles?” (yes), is who the voice speaking to Kit Haringon’s Dane Whitman, a character who goes on to become Black Knight in the comics.

Is Zelgius the Black Knight a real person?

General Zelgius lives a dual life: under his true identity, he is revered as the most esteemed and honorable general of the Begnion Empire and is a vassal of Prime Minister Sephiran; and as the Black Knight, he is a mysterious servant of the Kingdom of Daein whose true identity is unknown even to its king, Ashnard.

Who is Zelgius in Fire Emblem?

General Zelgius, probably more well known as the mantle of Black Knight, is a major villain in the Fire Emblem series. The only recurring villain, and sworn rival of the mercenary lord and veteran brawler, Ike.

Does Zelgius have a follower?

Zelgius has a loyal follower named Levail who is very much to Zelgius as Zelgius is to Sephiran. Black Knight’s Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance incarnation came in 25th place for Male Characters in the Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends popularity poll, having 5,317 votes.

Who is Zelgius in Radiant Dawn?

In Radiant Dawn, his identity was revealed to be General Zelgius, Earl of Kadohl, the greatest general of Begnion, and the right-hand man to Prime Minister Sephiran. He was also one of the Branded, which he revealed to Sephiran, who provided him with the blessed sword Alondite and the blessed black armor.