How can I call Nepali police?

Nepal Police has requested Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) to introduce free SMS service for police emergency hotline 100. People can call from any network in phone number 100 to report complaints at the police.

What is the emergency number in Nepal?

Emergency Services Information

Name of the Emergency service Short Number Charge
Nepal Police 100 Free
Ambulance 102 Free
Fire Brigade 101 Free
Child Helpline (CWIN) 1098 Free

What is the ambulance number in South Africa?

In a medical emergency in South Africa, call 10111 or 10177. Some private health insurance providers also have their own medical emergency numbers. Netcare’s emergency contact number is 082 9111, while ER24 is available at 084 124.

How can I become Nepal police?

Police Inspector requirements

  1. Nepalese citizen.
  2. Bachelor’s complete in any discipline.
  3. Not a member of terrorist organization.
  4. Not a member of any political party.
  5. Height: at least 5 feet 2 inch for males and 5 inch for females.
  6. Age: 20-25 years.

Who is the DIG of Nepal?

DIG Ramesh Prasad Kharel (Nepali: रमेश प्रसाद खरेल) is a policeman from Nepal known for his integrity and fight against corruption within the Nepali Police Force. Kharel is the president of newly formed Nepal Good Governance Party….Ramesh Kharel.

Ramesh Prasad Kharel
Rank Deputy Inspector General of Nepal Police

Who do I phone in an emergency?

999 and 112 is the national emergency response service in the UK. 112 is the pan-European equivalent to 999 and can be used in the UK.

Does 112 work South Africa?

Cell phone emergency – 112 The number 112 can be called from any cell phone in South Africa. It will transfer your line to a call centre and they will route you to the emergency service closest to you. When this number is dialed, it is followed by an automated menu.