How big does an evergreen pear get?

15 to 30 ft. tall
One of the key attributes is its glossy evergreen foliage. Also makes an excellent espalier for training on walls. May be briefly deciduous in coldest winters….Pyrus kawakamii.

Botanical Pronunciation PY-rus ka-wa-KAM-ee
Average Size at Maturity Fast growing to 15 to 30 ft. tall and wide.
Bloom Time Early spring

What is an evergreen pear?

Evergreen pear (Pyrus kawakamii) is a popular landscape plant throughout much of coastal and southern California. This species tends to be multi- stemmed and shrub like unless it is trained into a single stem tree. Evergreen pear produces a profusion of white flowers in late winter or early spring.

How do you care for an evergreen pear tree?

This tree grows best in deep sandy or clay soils with good drainage. The evergreen pear tree requires a fair amount of watering. Follow a regular irrigation schedule for the first 3 years to establish a deep, extensive root system. Water this tree deeply every week for the first two years.

Are ornamental pears evergreen?

This is a deciduous (often referred to as semi deciduous or even evergreen) medium growing ornamental pear. It is often a popular screening variety as it holds leaves well into late winter, with only a brief period of dormancy….Pyrus calleryana ‘Winter Glow’

Common Name Ornamental Pear
Family Rosaceae 93
Genus Pyrus 17
Species Calleryana 7

Do flowering pear trees lose their leaves?

Pear trees are deciduous and lose their leaves in winter, but should start producing leaves again in spring. If spring has come and gone and you notice your pear tree not leafing out, it may have died.

Are ornamental pear trees evergreen?

Can you overwater a pear tree?

Pear trees that receive too much water can experience stunted growth, poor fruit yield and death. Overwatering fills in air pockets around the roots, which the roots need to breathe and to absorb nutrients properly.

Why is my pear tree not growing?

If a pear tree is weak, stressed, or diseased, it will produce very little fruit or poor quality fruit. If a pear tree has no fruit, it may also be due to the fact that it did not receive the necessary amount of cold weather to break dormancy and encourage new growth.

How fast do ornamental pears grow?

When you plant any ornamental pear, don’t expect too much growth in the first season but once established with good watering and fertilizing and sun they are capable of 2-3 meters of growth in their second year.

What does A kawakamii tree look like?

The leaves are green most of the year, but P. kawakamii is a deciduous tree so the leaves turn a brownish red in autumn and are eventually shed from the branches. Image 2. Glossy leaves and small inedible fruit the tree bears.

What is Pyrus kawakamii used for?

What we use it for Pyrus kawakamii blooms an abundant amount and most people find them very beautiful. The tree is then planted in many places for aesthetic purposes. Some of the places where the species is widely used are on city streets and university campuses.

What is the common name of the Evergreen pear tree?

Pyrus kawakami has the common name of the Evergreen Pear Tree. However, that is really just a misnomer. It is really a semi-deciduous tree. It has a USDA Hardiness Zone rating of 8-10 and in the warmer parts of California it will only drop its leaves when flowering and making new leaves in late winter.

What is the omen of a pear tree?

Much like a flowering Crepe Myrtle is the omen for fall, a flowering Evergreen Pear Tree is the harbinger of spring. It is usually the first landscape tree to flower in the new year, and each late winter it puts on an impressive display.