Essential Tips To Maintain Your Decks Sunshine Coast

Annual deck maintenance and cleaning will forestall repairs and protect your investment. Since decks are exposed to various elements around the year it is important to establish a routine of upkeep from experts like Stilus Design And Construction Australia that will, in the long run, protect your decks Sunshine Coast and save you from expensive repairs. This article brings for you an easy maintenance schedule to keep your deck safe, sound, and great-looking.

Tips To Keep Your Deck Maintenance Game On Point:

  1. Wash the deck

As mentioned above, these tips are simple and easy, similar to washing. Most owners with a deck only wash their decks after it has collected a lot of dirt and dust, which is a wrong practice. The collection of dirt and dust will lead to moss growth which is highly bad for deck maintenance. Here’s how you can wash your deck properly:

  • Remove debris: make sure you get all the debris tucked between the deck boards using a putty knife.
  • Protect the plantings and shrubs: before you start with any cleaners make sure you cover your plants with plastic sheeting after generously watering them.
  • Sweep the deck and get rid of any dirt or debris
  • Choose the appropriate cleaner: depending on the deck material choose a cleaner and follow the instructions mentioned. For wooden decks, you can opt for standard deck cleaners. For composite materials, look for a cleaner specifically meant for composite materials and likewise.
  • Clean the deck: make sure you clean on a cloudy day. This will keep the deck cool and will also prevent evaporation of the cleaner.
  • Let the deck dry.
  1. Seal the deck

Now that thoroughly cleaned your deck of any debris, moss, dirt, etc. it is now time to seal your deck. Sealers and stains are easily available at home improvement centers plus they do not cost much. You have a variety of finish options to choose from.

  • A clear sealer will allow the wood’s natural color and grain to show through.
  • A toner will add a bit of color to the wood while also providing some protection from sunlight.
  • Semi-transparent stains will give the wood a little bit of a tint while keeping the grains visible.
  • To seal weather damage and to cover the grain a solid stain will be the best pick.

Make a note to apply clear sealers and toners annually. Be sure to use protection gears such as gloves, safety masks, eye protection while applying sealers and stains. Before applying the sealer make sure you:

  • Sand the deck
  • Replace any missing or popped nails
  1. Inspect and repair

Summer is the best time to check your deck for any damage or repair. Pay close attention to the surface that is close to water or within 6 inches of the ground.

  • Check for rot
  • Inspect the ledger
  • Check the joists, beams, and posts
  • Check for rotten boards and cracks
  • Check the railing


There you have some tips to help you stay on top of your deck maintenance game. Do follow these tips to get a beautiful damage-free deck.