Does Bhuntar have railway station?

Pathankot is the nearest Railway station to Bhuntar. It is a junction and has wide network across North India. It is well connected to many major cities like Mumbai, Jaipur, New Delhi, Jammu, Ahmedabad and Lucknow etc.

How to reach Kasol from Delhi train?

The fastest way to reach from New Delhi to Kasol is flight to Kullumanali Airport, then cab to Kasol and takes 3h 51m. The recommended way to reach from New Delhi to Kasol is train to Chandigarh, then cab to Kasol and takes 10h 16m. Train numbers 02925, 02057 etc.

How can I reach Tosh from Quora to Delhi?

Take a bus from Delhi to Bhuntar(Volvo available from Himachal Bhavan Nearly 1000 INR) and then a local HRTC bus from Bhuntar to Kasol (roughly 50 mins journey). All buses from Delhi to Manali/Kullu go through Bhuntar, so just inform the conductor to drop you there.

Does Kullu have railway station?

There is no regular trains to Kullu from other major cities of the country. The nearest Railway station is at Mandi which is located at a distance of 45kms.

Which is better Kasol or Kasauli?

While Kasol is more peaceful, Kasauli is rather crowded with lots of options for nightlife and shopping. While Kasol is more of an adventurous town famous for the Kheerganga trek, Kasauli is more of a scenic hill station with lots of tourist attractions for couples and families.

Is it safe to visit Kasol now?

But it is best to avoid Kasol during these months if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature. Also, avoid the monsoon season from July to September as the roads are slippery and dangerous. It would not be wise to risk it. The best time to visit Kasol is during summer that is the months from March to June.

Should I stay in Tosh or kasol?

In Kasol you get to witness pretty Parvati river, enchanting pine forests and high mountains in backdrop. While in Tosh you get all of the above along with the gargantuan snow capped peaks up close. If you ask me personally, Tosh has better landscapes than Kasol for sure.

How far is Kheerganga from Kasol?

Distance Between Kheerganga to Kasol

Distance between Kheerganga to Kasol by Road is 22 Kms
Distance between Kheerganga to Kasol by Flight is 18 Kms
Travel Time from Kheerganga to Kasol by Road is 1:28 hrs
Nearest Airport in Kheerganga Bhuntar (31.99, 77.51)
Nearest Airport in Kasol Bhuntar (32.01, 77.32)

Which is nearest station for Kullu?

Jogindernagar is the nearest railway station located near Kullu which is at a distance of around 125 km. This railway station is well linked to all the major cities and towns of the country through Chandigarh which is 270 km away from Kullu.

Is there any railway station in Dharamshala?

Dharamshala is connected to Delhi and other parts of North India via a network of both state operated buses and private tour operators. Most buses stop at the main bus terminal of Lower Dharamshala. The nearest major railway station to Dharamshala is at Pathankot, located at a distance of 85 km away.

Can I take liquor from Delhi to Manali?

No need to carry alcohol bottles to Manali you’ll find enough Bars and Liquor shops around and if you are seeking any help you can contact on my profile. If you want to make your trip Hassle free and get the things done even before you reach our team of Travelling Bee will be obliged to help you.