Do outwell air tents come with a pump?

Super fast air tent inflation – each Outwell air tent comes with an easy to attach, highly efficient air pump, which makes short work of blowing up our inflatable tents.

Do Outwell tents come with a pump?

Do air tents puncture?

Just like regular tents, inflatable tents can withstand a fair bit of battering but will get damaged if not cared for properly. Punctures are incredibly rare in air tents. You just need to be mindful of any particular sharp objects when you’re pitching the tent.

Are Outwell tents good quality?

Outwell tents are highly rated for family camping, and most people would agree they’re pretty much the leaders in family camping.

How long do Outwell tents last?

The average supposed age of a 70-75D polyester tent (as Outwell like many use) is 16 weeks of UV exposure – although some seem to last far less and others longer.

Which of the following parts should you start with in pitching your tent?

Traditionally, pitching a tent requires a footprint or ground cloth, tent, tent poles, tent pegs or stakes, a rain fly, a stake mallet (or rock) and a little patience. The first and most important thing to do is to check to see if all the parts in your tent are accounted for before you head out on your trip.

How do you pitch and strike a tent?

Pitching a tent

  1. Open up the tent and undo the guy lines. Spread the tent out and site it so that the door is facing the direction you want.
  2. Peg down the four corners at right angles. Place pegs in the ground for the front and rear tent pole guys.
  3. Raise the tent poles. Attach the tent pole guys to the pegs.

What do you think about the Nevada MP from Evolution range?

I have the NEVADA MP From the EVOLUTION RANGE in TREETOP GREEN, Carpet, Footprint and the Porch. I love this tent. There are 2 of us that use it regularly and at times 3 of us. It has plenty of space. It feels light and roomy but without feeling transparent and losing the feeling of privacy.

How does the *Outwell competition work?

*Outwell processes personal information in order to send you news and information about our product range via forms of communication such as email, text messages, phone, app notifications, social media and communication apps. You can withdraw your consent at any time. Existing members are entered in the competition automatically.

Is the Nevada MP a good tent?

The Nevada MP was a bit of an upgrade for us as we had previously had a much loved Vango Orchy 400 which had served us well for 6 years of heavy use. All the materials used in this tent felt like they were of a high quality, substantial and well thought out. I love the silver colour of the tent – it stands out on a campsite.