Did Katy Perry dated Riff Raff?

It seems like Katy Perry is moving on. After splitting up with boyfriend John Mayer in late February, Perry went on a date with rapper Riff Raff (real name Horst Christian Simco) and documented it on social media. She captioned it: “TBT to when I went on a date with Riff Raff aka @jodyhighroller also, regram!”

How many guys has Katy Perry dated?

Katy Perry dated a lot of musicians before getting engaged to actor Orlando Bloom. She was previously married to Russell Brand and had high-profile relationships with John Mayer, Travie McCoy, Diplo and more. These days, Katy is happily in love with fiancé Orlando.

Did Katy Perry date Travie McCoy?

McCoy dated singer Katy Perry for two years, with their relationship ending in December 2008. In late November 2006, she played his love interest in the music video for “Cupid’s Chokehold”.

What is Riff Raff worth?

In February 2018, Riff Raff announced on his Instagram that he signed to Beartrap Sound owned by singer Blackbear. The deal was for a reported $500,000 along with a Beartrap Sound pendant and chain set with 10 Ct….Riff Raff (rapper)

Riff Raff
Website jodyhighroller.com

Does Riff Raff have any kids?

The caption identifies the kids as “Viktor, 1, Amber, 9, Horst, 7, and Claire, 2.” Anita grew up in Ohio, descended from a family of German and Lithuanian Jews that includes several survivors, and victims, of the Holocaust. Despite this and the Jesus tattoo, Riff Raff, asked if he’s religious, says no.

Did John Mayer love Katy Perry?

And the seven-time Grammy winner appears to still have love for some of the notable women he’s dated. He recently reminisced about being the ‘first gentleman of Katy Perry,’ as he revealed his favorite song by one of his famous exes, while appearing on pal Andy Cohen’s Sirius XM show Radio Andy.

What happened between Katy Perry and Travie McCoy?

After splitting with the actor, Katy fell for Travis McCoy, lead singer of Gym Class Heroes, in 2006. But Travis’s drug use had begun causing problems in the relationship, which Katy ended by email in January 2009. Travis McCoy and Katy Perry dated for three years.

Who is Riff Raff parents?

Ronald Simco
Anita Simco
RiFF RAFF/Parents
Early Life: Riff Raff was born Horst Christian Simco on January 29, 1982 in Houston, Texas to Anita Isaacs and Ronald Simco. His mother worked as a maid and his father was a Vietnam War Veteran who worked various jobs.

What happened to riff Raffs dog?

I lost a pup after 10 years to cancer. I still remember the day like it was yesterday. You’ll get to a point where it’s only happiness that you remember. Untill then, I wish you all the love and happiness.