Can you still go to Tangier Island?

The only way to get to Tangier Island is by boat. If you don’t have a boat, you take the ferry. The island is a little more than 13 miles away from the mainland. That’s 90-minute ferry ride or less depending on tide and weather.

Are cars allowed on Tangier Island?

Tangier Island is often referred to as the ‘soft shell crab capital of the world’ and is a unique place to visit. There are only a few cars on the island and residents get around on golf carts, boats, mopeds, and bikes. The roads are only wide enough for two golf carts to pass each other.

How do I get to Tangier Island from DC?

There is no direct connection from Washington to Tangier Island. However, you can take the bus to California, take the drive to Reedville, VA, then take the ferry to Tangier Island. Alternatively, you can take the bus to California, take the drive to Reedville, VA, then take the ferry to Tangier Island.

Is there a ferry to Cape Charles VA?

Although there is no longer passenger ferry service across the Bay, rail barges still depart from Cape Charles, transporting rail cars over the open waters. Today, Cape Charles thrives as both a local residential community and a destination for vacationers.

Can you drink alcohol on Tangier Island?

Yes, you can bring alcohol on board the boat; however, Tangier is a “dry” island, so no alcohol can be purchased on the island. That does not mean alcohol is not consumed on the island, but it cannot be purchased. We suggest you leave your alcohol on the boat while touring the island.

What is Cape Charles famous?

A vibrant coastal town in Virginia, Cape Charles is famous for its old-Victorian houses, beaches, parks, nature trails, historic sites, museums, shopping centers, restaurants, and bars. For those staying overnight, there are great Airbnb and Vrbo vacation rentals in the area.

Is everyone on Tangier Island related?

Nearly everyone is related and shares one of a handful of surnames that trace back to the island’s settlement in 1778 — names like Crockett, Pruitt, Parks, Thomas, Dise, Shores, Wheatley and Marshall.

Does Cape Charles have a beach?

The Cape Charles Town Beach is located along Bay Avenue with beach access at the end of every block. The Cape Charles Town Beach is the only public beach on the Eastern Shore of Virginia that does not require an entrance or parking fee.

How long is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge?

Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel/Total length

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, Virginia. The bridge-tunnel complex is 17.6 miles (28 km) long from shore to shore and consists mostly of low trestle bridges carrying a two-lane highway.