Can you get skin cancer on the back of your hand?

Skin cancer develops primarily on areas of sun-exposed skin, including the scalp, face, lips, ears, neck, chest, arms and hands, and on the legs in women. But it can also form on areas that rarely see the light of day — your palms, beneath your fingernails or toenails, and your genital area.

Can skin cancer spread legs?

Skin cancer cells can sometimes spread to other parts of the body, but this is not common. When cancer cells do this, it’s called metastasis. To doctors, the cancer cells in the new place look just like the ones from the skin.

Are skin cancers painful to touch?

In the case of melanoma, a painless mole may start getting tender, itchy, or painful. Other skin cancers generally do not hurt to touch until they have advanced to become large. The peculiar absence of pain in a skin sore or a rash often directs the diagnosis toward skin cancer.

Can skin cancer run in your family?

Both melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancers can run in families. A primary risk factor for skin cancer is UV exposure. Exposure to UV light may be similar between members of the same family and may contribute to multiple family members being diagnosed with melanoma and/or nonmelanoma skin cancers.

What kind of cancer can you get on your hand?

Skin Cancer of the Hand. In the hand, the most common type of skin cancer is squamous cell carcinoma followed by basal cell carcinoma and melanoma. Other, more rare forms of skin cancer, such as Kaposi’s scarcoma, dermatofibrosacroma protuberans, sweat gland tumors, and Merkel cell carcinoma can also affect the hands.

What are the risk factors for skin cancer of the hand?

Skin Cancer of the Hand 1 Risk Factors for Skin Cancer. Sun exposure, light or fair complexion,… 2 Squamous cell carcinoma… 3 You must first ask your doctor to inspect the suspicious skin lesion. 4 Treatment Options for Skin Cancer. The standard treatment is surgical removal…

What are the signs and symptoms of less common skin cancers?

Signs and symptoms of less common skin cancers. Merkel cell carcinoma is most often found on the head, neck and trunk. Sebaceous gland carcinoma. This uncommon and aggressive cancer originates in the oil glands in the skin. Sebaceous gland carcinomas — which usually appear as hard, painless nodules — can develop anywhere,…

What are the signs and symptoms of melanoma on arm?

Melanoma on arm symptoms, causes and treatments 1 Asymmetry – this describes the general orientation or shape of the mole or blemish. 2 Borders – borders or edges are points that mark the extent to which discoloration has spread… 3 Colors – blue is the main color that often appears in mixed in the dark-brown of most melanomas.