Can you camp anywhere in the otways?

Otways national park camping is available in both the Great Otway National Park and Otway State Forest. You can get to most sites in the national parks by car.

Can you swim at Great Otway park?

Out of all of the places we’ve been swimming, whether it was relaxing in the shallow and shaded river bend at Aire Crossing Campground in the Otways, surfing at Apollo Bay or the more secluded and remote forest beach at Blanket Bay, there are two places to go swimming on the Great Ocean Road that sit above the rest and …

Can you swim at Blanket Bay?

Hidden among tall Manna Gum forest on the eastern coastal shores of Cape Otway, the sheltered Blanket Bay Campground is the perfect family escape. Make the most of the seaside location: swim, snorkel or explore the rockpools teeming with marine life. This small beach is often sheltered by the high hills of Cape Otway.

How big is the Great Otway National Park?

398 mi²
Great Otway National Park/Area

Can you camp for free on the Great Ocean Road?

Great Otway National Park does not charge an entrance fee and lets guests set up free sites for camping in the Aire Crossing Campsite. It is close to the Great Ocean Road and the attractions in Apollo Bay but has a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.

Are dogs allowed in Otway National Park?

Dogs are not permitted in the Great Otway National Park, with the exception of Johanna Beach (beach area & campground), Johanna Beach western section between Johanna River and western bluff.

How old is the Great Otway National Park?

Great Otway National Park

Great Otway National Park Victoria
Established 11 December 2005
Area 1,031 km2 (398.1 sq mi)
Managing authorities Parks Victoria
Website Great Otway National Park

Where does the Great Ocean Walk start?

Apollo Bay
Apollo Bay — the start of the Great Ocean Walk — is three hours’ drive from Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road.

What is there to do in Blanket Bay?


  • Blanket Bay Spa.
  • Milford Sound.
  • Dart River Jet.
  • Hiking.
  • Horse Riding.
  • Fly & Heli-Fishing.
  • Heli-Skiing.
  • Golf.

What animals are in the otways?

The Otways are home to many of Australia’s favourite locals including kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, platypus, koalas, glow worms, birds, seals, penguins and even the occasional migrating whale.

Can I sleep in my car Great Ocean Road?

There are public showers in Lorne- The cheapest way to travel the Great Ocean Road is by renting a van and sleeping in it to save money on accommodation costs. You can’t sleep overnight in the car parks or the main streets but you can park a little bit higher up the hill.

Where is the Cape Otway campsite located?

The Cape Otway campsite is located app. 10 kilometres from Blanket Bay and is located on the scenic Great Ocean Walk. The Cape Otway campsite is a walk-in only camping area and is located app. 600 metres from the Cape Otway Lighthouse.

How many campsites are in Great Otway National Park?

Camping Areas at Great Otway National Park (11 campsites) Parker Hill Camping Area – A small campground right near the inlet for the Parker River. more… Blanket Bay Camping Area – This is a well maintained and formalised campground right on the ocean in Great Otway National Park more… Aire River West Camping Area – A large flat and grassy

Where is the Great Otway National Park in South Africa?

This campground is situated within the Great Otway National Park located on the banks of the Aire River Estuary. This area is home to a magnitude of native and migratory bird species as well as an abundance of fish species making it a great place to go bird watching, fishing, swimming and canoeing.

Where is Cape Otway and Blanket Bay?

Close to Blanket Bay Campground, Cape Otway sits at the southern tip of Victoria’s western coast – where the Southern Ocean meets Bass Strait. The Cape Otway Lightstation stands as testimony to the area’s shipwreck history, rugged rocky shores and beaches, tall forest and the long distance Great Ocean Walk segments passing close by.