Can I use platinum and iridium spark plugs?

Iridium spark plugs offer better performance compared to platinum, but they are usually costlier than platinum. However, you can use platinum if it happens to be the spark plug your budget can afford.

Is platinum better than iridium spark plug?

Iridium is said to be six times harder and eight times stronger than platinum with a 700° higher melting point. Thanks to its strength, iridium spark plugs can last up to 25% longer than comparable platinum spark plugs.

Is it OK to mix spark plugs?

All spark plug manufacturers cross-reference their plugs with other brands so their brand can be interchanged with other brands. In other words, any brand of spark plug can be used in any vehicle make or model application assuming the plug has the correct dimensions, design and heat range.

What are double platinum spark plugs used for?

Double platinum spark plugs were designed for “waste spark” DIS. In a waste spark system, the spark jumps from the center electrode to the side electrode for the cylinder that’s on the compression stroke.

Does the spark plug type matter?

The most important detail in a spark plug is matching your engine’s design. Copper has high conductivity and low price, but also a shorter lifespan. Harder platinum and iridium cost more, but were designed to last longer, but remember, the best fit is always the one designed for your engine.

Do iridium spark plugs increase power?

You may experience more engine power with iridium spark plugs. Iridium spark plugs can improve the performance of your engine with regard to its power. This advantage becomes apparent in situations where you need to climb steep hills or handle challenging driving situations.

Are iridium plugs worth it?

Iridium spark plugs are the most expensive spark plug model on the market, but in many cases they are worth the investment, as the premium price also comes with high performance and reliability.

Which is better an iridium or platinum spark plug?

Platinum spark plug is a ‘golden mean’ between copper and iridium ones. Platinum has twice better longevity than copper and fairy low price. Platinum disc and central electrode tip provide slow wear rate and better fuel efficiency.

What is the difference between platinum and iridium?

As you may already have figured out, platinum plugs use platinum while iridium plugs use iridium for the tip of the center electrode. Iridium plugs cost more than platinum plugs, partly because iridium is a rarer metal than platinum, but also because it offers several advantages.

How often should iridium spark plugs be changed?

There are two types of spark plugs: conventional and long-life (platinum- or iridium-tipped). Conventional spark plugs need to be replaced every 30,000-50,000 miles. Recommended replacement intervals for iridium- or platinum-tipped spark plugs vary between 50,000 and 120,000 miles.

What is the longest lasting spark plug?

Iridium spark plugs will last the longest. Iridium is a metal that is harder and more durable than platinum. Although you will have to pay more money for iridium spark plugs, you will get what you pay for. These spark plugs have a small center electrode which means they use less voltage to generate the electric current.