Can I rest on the SS Anne?

If at any point during your time on the S.S. Anne you find yourself in need of healing, just visit the room directly across from the hallway you entered in. Speak to the girl there to take a break and heal up.

How do you get the SS Anne back?

First of all, make sure the ship has set sail. So you have to stand on a diagonal to the man. Now move to the right while while pressing start and save the game. Now turn the game off and turn it back on again.

Where is the SS Anne in Pokemon Yellow?

Vermilion City
S.S. Anne, which you’ll find docked just to the south of Vermilion City, has three levels – the entrance level, a downstairs level and an upstairs level – plus a little outside area at the front of the ship, and the captain’s quarters to the rear.

Where does the SS Anne take you?

Vermillion City
With the S.S. Anne tickets, return to Vermillion City and make your way South to the port where the ship is docked. Show your tickets to the Sailor right outside the ship and you’ll get a free Sailor Outfit Set for you and your Pokemon (Eevee or Pikachu) to wear. After that, you can board the ship and begin exploring.

How do u get cut in fire red?

Cut can be obtained by the caption of S.S. Anne in Vermilion city after recieving the S.S Ticket from a guy named Bill in a house above the Nugget Bridge in Cerulean City. After obtaining the ticket, you can travel to Vermilion City and enter the S.S. Anne ship.

Why is there a truck by the SS Anne?

There is no known reason for the truck’s existence although some players think that it might be an Easter egg or a pre-release remnant. Mew was rumored to be available by pushing the S.S.

Did the SS Anne sink in the games?

Anne sinks with Ash, Misty, Brock, and Team Rocket on board.

What items are on SS Anne?


Item Location
TM44 (Rest) B1F, in the fourth room from the right
HM01 (Cut) 2F, gift from the captain in his quarters
Hyper Potion B1F, in the wall around the fifth room from the right, two tiles below Fisherman (hidden)
Hyper Potion B1F, in the fifth room from the right on the bed’s pillow (hidden)

How do you get cut in Let’s Go Pikachu?

The SS Anne is where you get cut in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, with the captain sharing his knowledge with you once you meet him. You’ll need to help him out a bit, but that’s easy and shouldn’t take long at all. Once you finish he’ll teach you Chop Down.

What level are Gary’s Pokemon on the SS Anne?

Gary uses a Level 19 Pidgeotto, a Level 15 Kadabra, a Level 16 Rattata and his trusted level 20 Wartortle, Ivysaur or Charmeleon.