Can I convert my NiCad to lithium?

The earliest lithium-ion batteries were not backward-compatible with nicad battery tools, but that’s changed over time. Due to advances in battery circuitry, however, chargers are not forward-compatible; the charger that came with a nicad tool will not work with lithium-ion batteries.

Can I use a lithium battery instead of NiCD?

Lithium-ion batteries and NiCad batteries are interchangeable because they are sharing the same features and qualities. Though, their formation is different so, it is dangerous to put both batteries at the same time.

Can I replace SLA battery with lithium?

Yes, you can replace your lead acid battery with a Lithium ion one. You will not need an external charger to charge your Lithium ion battery. The alternator will charge the new Lithium ion battery the same as it charges the lead acid batteries. Moreover, trickle charging is not required.

Can you charge lithium ion batteries with a NiCad charger?

You cannot use a NiCad charger to charge a Lithium ion battery. But you can use a Lithium ion battery charger to charge the NiCad battery. In Lithium ion batteries, a full charge occurs when the charge inside of the battery reaches the voltage threshold while the current drops to 3% of the rated current.

Which is better NiCd or NiMH?

Nickel-metal hydride (NIMH) batteries have a higher capacity than nickel-cadmium (NICAD) batteries, which means that they can generally power your device for longer. Finally, NiMH batteries are much better for the environment than their NiCAD battery counterparts.

Can you swap NiCd with NiMH?

To some degree, Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) is interchangeable with Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) — with caveats. The issues related to replacing NiCd with NiMH are the charge methods, the discharge characteristics (specifically rate capability) and then the effect of both on cycle life.

Do Lithium batteries last longer than NiCD?

Shelf Life Both types of batteries have relatively high shelf lives. Nickel-cadmium batteries can be stored or used for up to 5 years. Lithium-ion batteries can last for anywhere between 2 and 3 years.

Can I replace my RV battery with a lithium battery?

You should be able to use a 12V lithium battery to replace almost any deep-cycle 12V battery, such as the house battery for a motorhome, fifth wheel, or travel trailer. More and more RVers are replacing their lead-acid house batteries with lithium-ion options.

Will my RV charge a lithium battery?

A typical RV would have at least a 100 AH Lithium Battery which would be equivalent of a 250 AH Lead/Acid Battery, this coupled with a PD9160LAV (60-Amp) charger would provide a two-hour recharge time.

Do I need a special charger for Li ion batteries?

You can use a lead acid charger on a lithium battery if you want, HOWEVER, you must NOT use a lead-acid charger if it has an automatic “equalisation mode” which cannot be permanently turned off.

Can I use a regular battery charger on a lithium battery?

You can use a lead-acid charger to charge lithium batteries as long as you can set the maximum voltage of the charger and as long as the charger does not have an automatic equalisation mode enabled.

What is the difference between NiCAD and NiMH batteries?

NiMh battery cells are a direct replacement for expired NiCads. NiMh cells hold a charge longer than NiCads and are a bit more powerful. A few years ago, I rebuilt 2 B&D NiCad battery packs with NiMh sub C sells from All-Battery (.com).

Can I convert my old cordless tools to Lithium Power?

Most modern cordless tools use Lithium batteries and I happen to use LiPo battery packs all the time for other projects so I figured I’d convert my old cordless tools to Lithium power using inexpensive LiPo battery packs. This is a really simple conversion and the cost is a fraction of what power tool manufacturer replacement batteries cost.

Why won’t my lithium-ion tool battery work with my Ni-Cad?

I wish it were that simple. Here’s one explanation for why it sometimes isn’t: lithium-ion tool batteries and their internal electronics are designed to work together with more sophisticated electronics than your Ni-Cad model probably has.

Are Ni-Cad batteries worth the cost?

Trouble is, buying the Ni-Cad replacements, if they are even still made by the tool’s manufacturer, is expensive. (I once was in the same situation with a drill/driver, and a pair of replacement Ni-Cad batteries cost more than what I paid for the tool originally, with two batteries and charger!)