Are the old Planet of the Apes movies connected to the new ones?

The Serkis movies are connected to the original five (and we explain how below), but to make things complicated, there is a standalone Planet of the Apes movie, from 2001 starring Mark Whalberg, which is basically a remake.

What happened to humans in Planet of the Apes 1968?

Followed by Dr. When Zira asks what Taylor would find, Dr. Zaius quotes “His destiny.” The film’s coda has Taylor discovering that he is not on an alien planet, but rather on Earth, where the human ‘maniacs’ killed each other in a great war and now are dominated by apes.

Why can’t the little girl speak in War for the Planet of the Apes?

In War for the Planet of the Apes, it is revealed that the Simian Flu has evolved, instead of killing humans it makes them mute. This new mutation was so infectious that the doll of Nova, a young mute girl, carried the virus and Colonel McCullough was infected just from handling it.

What happened at the end of Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes?

The denouement of Franklin J Schaffner’s Planet Of The Apes from 1968 famously sees Heston’s Taylor in something of a Pyrrhic victory where he has defeated the apes on one hand, but then discovers the sunken Statue of Liberty, signalling that this planet of the apes was once the planet of the humans.

How is Zira different than the other apes?

Unique among the Apes characters, Zira has blue eyes. Zira is the fiancée (later wife) of Cornelius, and both are ultimately responsible to the Minister of Science, Doctor Zaius.

What does Charlton Heston say when he sees the Statue of Liberty?

When Heston’s character astronaut George Taylor finds the charred remnants of the Statue of Liberty, and with it the truth that this “alien” planet ruled by Apes is actually post-apocalyptic Earth, he screams: “You finally really did it. You maniacs! You blew it up!

What is the summary of Planet of the Apes?

Planet of the Apes Summary. Only instead of intellectually gifted horses holding the sub-human humans in contempt, it is gorillas on horseback. Taylor discovers he has landed on a planet ruled by apes as he gets shot in the throat shortly after discovering that Dodge has been shot to death.

What is the story of Planet of the Apes?

Planet of the Apes. The objective story is the situation ( os domain-universe) of astronauts who, having completed their time travel mission, crash land ( story driver-action) on an unknown planet before they can return to Earth. Taylor ( Charlton Heston ) is the main character and leader of the expedition ( mc domain-physics ).

Who played female ape in Planet of the Apes?

In the first two Planet of the Apes films, she is played by Linda Harrison. In the original novel by Pierre Boulle Nova was a Sororian woman that lived in the jungles of Soror with her tribe.

Why is the Planet of the Apes important?

Planet of the Apes has received particular attention among film critics for its treatment of racial issues. Cinema and cultural analysts have also explored its Cold War and animal rights themes. The series has influenced subsequent films, media, and art, as well as popular culture and political discourse.