Are the misfits in the JEM movie?

Fans of ’80s cartoon band Jem and the Holograms were disappointed to find that trailers of the film adaptation (called Jem and the Holograms, in theaters now) contained no members of The Misfits, Jem’s rival band.

What is Jem and the Holograms based on?

Jem and the Holograms (film)

Jem and the Holograms
Based on Jem by Christy Marx
Produced by Jason Blum Jon M. Chu Scooter Braun Brian Goldner Stephen Davis Bennett Schneir
Starring Aubrey Peeples Stefanie Scott Hayley Kiyoko Aurora Perrineau Ryan Guzman Molly Ringwald Juliette Lewis
Cinematography Alice Brooks

What is Jem’s real name?

Jem/Jerrica Benton (voiced by Samantha Newark, singing voice recorded by Britta Phillips) – Jem is the leader of the Holograms and provides the lead vocals in the band.

Is Jem and the Holograms a true story?

Jem Of ‘Jem & The Holograms’ Isn’t Based On A Real Singer, But The Movie Is Inspiring Many More.

Who plays the misfits in Jem and the Holograms?

The Misfits is an American rock band born in Los Angeles, California, and rival to Jem and The Holograms. Since its inception, the band’s lineup has been comprised of members Pizzazz (main vocals, rhythm guitar and leader of the band), Roxy (lead guitar) and Stormer (keytar and lyricist).

Who sang for Jem and the Holograms?

Britta Phillips, of Luna and Dean & Britta fame, provided Jem’s original singing voice. She was just 20 when she recorded many of the 180-some songs written for the series, and she’s still a fan.

What was Jem about?

Jem, also known as Jem and the Holograms, is an American animated musical television series that ran from 1985 to 1988. The series is about record company owner Jerrica Benton, her singer alter-ego Jem, and the adventures of Jem and her band the Holograms.

What is a Jem doll?

Jem :: Dolls. Jem was produced by Hasbro from 1986 to 1987. The Jem line included rock star fashion dolls, playsets, accessories and a cartoon animation series. The toy line stopped production in 1988 but still has many fans to this day. Images on this page are from Hasbro Toy Catalogues!

What was JEM about?

Who are the misfits Jem?

Why did Jem and the Holograms end?

Hasbro discontinued the Jem toyline at the end of 1987 after it failed to meet sales expectations but, despite this, the series continued production and aired until 1988. Jem was partially released on DVD in multiple countries, with a complete set available for the first time in 2011.

What is the name of the JEM and the Holograms toy?

Jem And the Holograms, the cult classic 80’s cartoon is celebrating its 35th anniversary and Integrity Toys, in collaboration with Hasbro, is going to be part of this milestone celebration. The first release is the “Flip-Side” duo gift set that will allow fans to transform Jerrica Benton into glamorous rock star JEM in just a few simple steps.

Are there any other dolls like Jem dolls?

Look-alike-dolls: There are a number of somewhat similar dolls, which can be mixed up as Jem dolls. Some made by Hasbro also, but without punk hair colors, some with a rockstar theme, some with similar haircolors. To see some of them, read the Similar dolls page.

What happened to Jem dolls in 1987?

1987 was the second year of the Jem doll line, and more than the double amount of dolls were released, as second editions and 6 new characters, three of which had metallic strands in their hair. Jem got a new smiling face mold. Both bands got a new member.

What color is Jem’s hair supposed to be?

But some have less recognizable colors like blonde, brown, black, white or yellow. Some even have metallic strands. Be aware though that the pink in Jem’s hair often fades and appears white or blonde. – Marking: All dolls (except for mexican made) are marked Hasbro on the back, and sometimes on the back of the head.