Are Litespeed bikes any good?

Conclusion. The Litespeed is a bike that I really enjoyed riding and grew to love as our adventures increased. It’d make an excellent commuter and lightweight touring machine for the way it just gets on with the job but – and it’s the only but – it is a bit expensive for what is on offer.

Does Lynskey make Sage bikes?

Sage Cycles are still designed and QC’d in Portland, and are now handmade by the fine craftsman at Lynskey. The rear stays on both bikes are a bit chunkier too, for more stiffness and better durability.

Who makes Litespeed?

American Bicycle Group

Type Subsidiary
Headquarters Ooltewah, Tennessee, United States
Key people Peter Hurley, CEO
Products Bicycles
Parent American Bicycle Group

Where are Litespeed bikes made?

Chattanooga, TN
All of Litespeed’s titanium bicycles are manufactured at our headquarters in Chattanooga, TN. Get an insider’s look into our manufacturing process. Factory tours are available by appointment at our headquarters in Chattanooga, TN Monday through Friday. To setup a factory tour, give us a call at 1-800-229-0198.

Are Lynskey and Litespeed the same company?

Chattanooga, TN – The Lynskey family, founders of Litespeed Titanium Components, will be returning to the bicycle frame-building business. They will be designing and building high-end custom titanium bicycle frames under the new company name of Lynskey Performance Products.

Where are sage bikes made?

Where is Sage Titanium based? Beaverton, Oregon. Why are the bikes made in USA? Quality is number one, and I take pride in being able to say our bikes are made in the USA.

How much does a titanium bike weight?

Generally, a high-end titanium road frame built stout enough to ride well weighs in at around 1,150 grams. Litespeed’s new T1sl is 1,050 grams in a size medium—pretty impressive.

Where are lynlynskey bikes made?

Lynskey Performance Designs LLC is a titanium bike company founded in 1984 and based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. According to the brand, all of their bikes are designed and manufactured in Chattanooga.

Are Lynskey road bikes any good?

Another great thing about Lynskey road bikes is the threaded bottom bracket. As you might all know, Lynskey is famous for its high-end titanium bikes of all cycling disciplines, including endurance riding, road bike racing, and even joining your local riding club.

Who is Lynskey Performance Products?

On January 1, 2006, Lynskey Performance Products ushered in a fresh and exhilarating return to the bike riding sport they liked and the metalworking they believed in. They succeeded in creating and developing Litespeed Titanium and the premium-quality products manufactured.

How much does a lynlynskey pro 29 cost?

Lynskey Pro 29 29er Mountain Bike Medium Titanium 6/4 with Rockshox SID XX Fork Small ding on top tube that’s been there forever with no changes (see photo). Rock Shox SID XX 32mm stanchions with 100mm travel fork with RockShox hydraulic lockout. Stanchions are clean, no scratches. $1,500.00.