Are fairy doors bad for trees?

“There are about six or eight screws in each door so even if it takes 10 to 20 years, it could kill the trees,” he added. “If you see a 4-year-old play around them, it’s wonderful to see,” said Acreman, “but it is causing a real strain on the village and causing a lot of friction.”

Can I nail a fairy door to a tree?

Don’t use cement, nails or screws to fix doors to trees. The trees don’t like it.

Why do trees have fairy doors?

A fairy door is a magical portal between our world and the fairy realm, usually found at the base of a tree trunk or on a skirting board. Fairy doors can be used to help children with imaginative play and creative thinking and so can also help children deal with worries and bad dreams.

Where do you put fairy doors?

The most popular place to put your Opening Fairy Door is on a wall – normally just above the skirting board. Other places include on a shelf, a dressing table, a bench or cupboard. A lot of our customers also place them in display or shadow boxes. Once your fairy door is attached, the fairies know, and they will visit!

Why do people put fairy doors on trees?

Some parents and guardians use fairy doors to stimulate their children’s imaginations and prompt creative thinking, describing the fairies as creatures that use their magical powers to protect children from bad dreams, grant their wishes if they are well-behaved, and replace lost teeth with small rewards.

Where do you put a fairy door?

How do you introduce a fairy door?

The most popular way people introduce a fairy door to their child is to set it up in secret, usually after their child has gone to sleep. Then the next morning, when they wake up, they are surprised to find that ‘the fairies’ have moved in.

What are fairy doors used for?

A fairy door is a miniature door, usually set into the base of a tree, behind which may be small spaces where people can leave notes, wishes, or gifts for the “fairies”.