Why is my tooth turning black and hurting?

If you have a tooth that’s suddenly started hurting or has become dark, you should take it very seriously. A dying tooth is either infected or can become so quite easily, and tooth infections have serious health consequences. They can even be deadly, if the infection spreads through the body.

How do I know if my root canal tooth is infected?

Infected root canal warning signs

  1. Ongoing pain that does not stop and gets worse when they bite down.
  2. Extreme sensitivity to foods and drinks that are hot or cold, which does not go away once finished.
  3. More than the normal amount of expected swelling.
  4. More than the normal amount of expected tenderness.

Can a tooth with a root canal hurt years later?

With proper care, even teeth that have had root canal treatment can last a lifetime. But sometimes, a tooth that has been treated doesn’t heal properly and can become painful or diseased months or even years after treatment. If your tooth failed to heal or develops new problems, you have a second chance.

What are the symptoms of a root canal gone bad?

The signs of a root canal failure may include:

  • Sensitivity when biting down.
  • A pimple or boil on the jaw.
  • Discoloration of the tooth.
  • Tenderness in the gum tissue near where the root canal was performed.
  • Pain in the tooth you had treated.
  • Presence of pus-filled abscesses near the treated tooth.
  • Facial or neck swelling.

Does your tooth go black after root canal?

A tooth may sometimes become dark either after or during a root canal treatment. Although root canals are not noticeable after the treatment, considering that the entire procedure is carried out within the tooth, you may still have discoloured teeth that require cosmetic treatment to fix (i.e. a crown).

Why did my tooth turn black after a root canal?

The usual reason why this happens (tooth becoming dark after a root canal) is related to the inflamed pulp (the inside of the tooth), where blood vessels rupture and stains from the blood get into the dentinal tubules.

Is it normal for a tooth to turn GREY after a root canal?

It is not uncommon for teeth to turn darker in color either before or after being treated with a root canal. Deposition of pigment within the tooth from the nerve, usually due to major trauma, can cause the tooth to turn either gray or brown.