Why do my neck vertebrae stick out?

This condition, which doctors call kyphosis, results from chronic forward-leaning, a posture that is too common in our world of computer screens and other devices. Over time, a habit of poor posture can cause you to develop an abnormal curve of the upper vertebrae and a mass of tissue at the lower part of the neck.

Which vertebrae is the one that sticks out?

Unique Vertebra: C7 The seventh cervical vertebra, also called the vertebra prominens, is commonly considered a unique vertebra and has the most prominent spinous process. When feeling the back of the neck, the C7 vertebra’s spinous process (bony hump) sticks out more than the other cervical vertebrae.

What causes fish vertebrae?

The fish‐vertebra sign is a smooth deformity of the vertebral bodies, with a characteristic biconcave body occurring as a result of squared‐off depression of the vertebral end‐plates and compression by adjacent intervertebral discs.

Is it normal for C7 vertebrae to stick out?

The spinus process of the C7 vertebrae is anatomically larger than the rest of the cervical spine processes. If this is the only cause of the hump there is little to do. Most everyone has this bony protuberance sticking out more than the others.

What does Retrolisthesis mean?

Retrolisthesis is a posterior or backward slippage, and spondylolisthesis (sometimes called anterolisthesis) is an anterior or forward slip. Another term for either disorder is vertebral displacement.

What is a biconcave deformity?

The vertebral body deformity may include: “wedge fractures” when the anterior height of the vertebral body is less than posterior, “biconcave or lens fractures” when the central height of the vertebral body is lower than the anterior and posterior, “crush fractures” when the entire vertebral body height is reduced …

What are butterfly vertebrae?

A butterfly vertebra (sagittal cleft vertebra or anterior rachischisis) is a sagittal defect in the vertebral body caused by failure of fusion of the 2 lateral chondrification centers during embryogenesis.

What is fish vertebrae called?

Fish vertebra. Fish vertebra, also known as codfish vertebra, describes the biconcave appearance of vertebrae (especially lumbar vertebrae).

What is the difference between thoracic and cervical spine anatomy?

While in the thoracic and lumbar spine, the anatomy of the vertebrae is relatively consistent between each vertebra, cervical spine anatomy is quite variable. A description of each of the vertebrae follows: C1 – Called the a tlas. The skull rests directly on it.

What happens to the vertebrae of the neck after cervical fusion?

After the soft tissues of the neck are separated, the intervertebral disc and bone spurs are removed and the spinal cord and nerve roots are decompressed. The space left between the vertebrae is filled with a small piece of bone or device through spinal fusion. In time, the vertebrae will fuse or join together across that level.

What causes a fractured vertebrae in the neck?

Causes of a Fractured Vertebra in the Neck. Cervical vertebral fractures usually occur due to focal trauma to the skeletal structure of the spine. Car accidents, significant falls, sports traumas, acts of violence and other causes of severe whiplash are all usual culprits for vertebral fracture causation.