Why cant Toby read Tia on the listener?

Abilities. Toby is unable to read her mind due to the fact she has epilepsy and her meds slow down her brain function.

Who does Toby Logan end up with?

He finally settled down with the one woman he couldn’t read, Tia Tremblay.

What happened to Toby’s brother in the listener?

He was wounded by det. Marks, which he killed, and then was killed by Frank Cardea.

What happened to Toby’s mother on the listener?

Maya was eventually found and ran with Toby, but only after her youngest was taken from her. Maya jumped into a river with Toby and was never seen again. Toby survived and was taken to Ray Mercer.

Why did the listener end?

Back in 2009, the first season of “The Listener” aired on NBC as a summer series, but was pulled before completion due to low ratings. “Thanks for sticking with us and supporting us and watching us loyally every week and for bumping into us and showing joy for the show,” said Olejnik. “It’s been incredibly rewarding.”

Is there a season 6 of the listener?

The Listener TV show canceled, no season 6.

Why was the listener Cancelled?

How tall is Toby from the listener?

His bio says 5’10” but he looks more like 5’4″. Fandom.

What happened to Detective marks on the listener?

Detective Marks gets shot while trying to protect Toby from Victor Cloonie. It is clear that the man doesn’t want to hurt Toby and that he needs him alive.

Will there be a 6th season of the listener?

Why did The Listener end?

What happened to Detective marks on The Listener?

What did Toby do in Lisa says and Iris?

In Lisa Says, Toby helps a young boy named Daniel who is involved with the wrong crowd. During this time, Toby reveals to Oz his ability. In Foggy Notion, Toby helps a blind woman find her brother’s killer. In Iris, Toby meets Iris Frost, a young girl with aparent healing abilities.

What is Toby’s real name in my sister’s keeper?

In My Sister’s Keeper, Toby is called to be a witness for a murder case that Toby was involved in. Toby finds out that his real name is William from a man that Oz and Toby had brought to the hospital the other day. In The Journey, Toby reveals to Olivia his telepathic abilities and they begin looking for his mother while avoiding Victor Cloonie.

How does Toby’s intelligence work?

First and foremost, Toby can hear what people are thinking at that moment. This ability takes different styles depending how deep the thought is. If someone is remembering a moment when speaking, Toby gets a visual image of what the person saw, heard and did. Toby tends to remember these facts and it comes in handy when solving mysteries.

Why did Maya change Toby’s name to Toby Logan?

Soon after, Victor Cloonie came to the trailer where Maya and her sons were hiding and took Toby’s baby brother. Fearing that her elder son would also be taken, Maya burned the trailer and told him to change his name to Toby Logan.