Who wrote the prologue in the school for scandal?

David Garrick
The prologue is written in rhymed couplets by an actor, playwright, producer, and theater manager named David Garrick.

What is the importance of the epilogue of the school of scandal?

The epilogue balances the prologue. It confirms that Sir Peter Teazle and Lady Teazle’s conflict as well as the contrast between town and country life are among the play’s major clashes or tensions.

What is the meaning of School for Scandal?

/ðə ˌskuːl fə ˈskændl/ /ðə ˌskuːl fər ˈskændl/ ​a comedy play (1777) by Richard Brinsley Sheridan about two brothers who both want to marry the same young woman.

Who speaks epilogue in The School for Scandal?

The epilogue, which is spoken by Lady Teazle, shows that she is ready to reform her ways after diving into the vile cesspool of London society.

Why does Oliver disguise himself?

He disguises himself as a money lender named Mr. Premium to investigate Charles’s spending habits, and is infuriated when he sees Charles living lavishly while driving the family far into debt.

Why does Charles refuse to sell the portrait of Oliver?

However, he refuses to sell the last portrait, which is of Sir Oliver, out of respect for his benefactor; Charles will not sell it even when “Premium” offers as much for it as for all the rest. Moved, Sir Oliver inwardly forgives Charles.

What is the major conflict of the play School for Scandal?

The conflict of School for Scandal involves the story of how Joseph and Lady Sneerwell each try to lie their way to getting what they want, while its parallel plot is how Sir Oliver attempts to discover the truth about his nephews.

Who is the hero of the school of scandal?

A warmhearted but hard-partying man, the younger Surface brother is known around town for his extravagance. Charles has spent all of the massive fortune he was given by his uncle Sir Oliver and is in huge quantities of debt, but he is presented as essentially moral and good at heart.

How is Sir Peter related to Maria?

A recently orphaned young woman, Maria is the ward of Sir Peter and thus heiress to his fortune. She is in love with Charles Surface, but is also being courted by Joseph Surface and Sir Benjamin Backbite.

How does Lady Sneerwell plan to make Maria not love Charles?

Lady Sneerwell ruins reputations by submitting stories to the gossip columns and by paying others to forge incriminating letters. In love with Charles Surface, Lady Sneerwell conspires with Joseph Surface to prevent an engagement between Charles Surface and Maria, who Joseph hopes to marry for her money.

What problem does Sir Peter have with his wife?

Act II. Scene I: Sir Peter argues with his wife, Lady Teazle, refusing to be “ruined by [her] extravagance.” He reminds her of her recent and far humbler country origins. Lady Teazle excuses herself by appealing to “the fashion”, and departs to visit Lady Sneerwell.

How are Joseph and Charles related?

Instead, Joseph is conspiring with Lady Sneerwell to prevent an engagement between his brother Charles and Maria, whom he wants to marry for her money. At the same time, he is trying to seduce Lady Teazle, even though Sir Peter Teazle is one of his greatest admirers.