Who won the McGregor or silver?

Conor McGregor
UFC Fight Night 59: McGregor vs. Siver/Winners

What weight classes did Conor McGregor fight in?

Conor McGregor/Division

How old was Dennis Siver when he fought Conor?

The 26-year-old McGregor, from Dublin, Ireland, improved to 17-2 with his 12th straight victory. He’s the fifth-ranked featherweight in the UFC. Siver, a 36-year-old Russian who lives in Germany, dropped to 22-10.

Who did Conor McGregor fight in Boston?

Siver (also known as UFC Fight Night 59) was a mixed martial arts event held on January 18, 2015, at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.

Did McGregor win the fight tonight?

Dustin Poirier knocked out Conor McGregor early Sunday in Abu Dhabi on the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s first pay-per-view card of 2021. The lightweight fighters, both 32, were each making a case for a title bout at 155 pounds.

Who won the McGregor fight today?

UFC 264 results: Dustin Poirier defeats Conor McGregor via doctor stoppage due to leg injury.

How heavy is UFC welterweight?


Weight Class Minimum Weight Upper Weight Limit
Welterweight 155 lb (70.3 kg; 11.1 st) 170 lb (77.1 kg; 12.1 st)
Middleweight 170 lb (77.1 kg; 12.1 st) 185 lb (83.9 kg; 13.2 st)
Light Heavyweight 185 lb (83.9 kg; 13.2 st) 205 lb (93.0 kg; 14.6 st)
Heavyweight 205 lb (93.0 kg; 14.6 st) 265 lb (120.2 kg; 18.9 st)

Has Conor fought at 170?

Conor McGregor made his UFC debut in 2013 against Marcus Brimage. It was a featherweight (145 lbs) bout, and since then the Notorious One has competed in the lightweight (155 lbs) division as well as the welterweight (170 lbs) division of the UFC.

How tall is Conor McGregor?

5′ 8″
Conor McGregor/Height

Did Dennis Siver retire?

Dennis Siver’s UFC run has come to an end. After spending more than a decade under the UFC banner, Siver announced Wednesday that he has signed a multi-fight deal with Russian promotion ACB. The 38-year-old German fighter is slated to make his promotional debut in a lightweight contest on Nov.

Who won the McGregor fight 3?

Dustin Poirier
It was intense and action-packed for as long as it lasted, but the third matchup between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor ended in abbreviated fashion, as a leg injury suffered by McGregor forced a halt to the bout at the end of the first round, with Poirier taking a 2-1 lead in the series via TKO.