Who was voted off of American Idol this week?

Say it ain’t so! Cypress Lake High’s Casey Bishop was voted off American Idol Sunday night. In the live show, Casey sang her brand new single “Love Me, Leave Me,” “wish you were gay” by Billie Eilish, “Live Wire,” by Mötley Crüe, and “Break My Heart Again” by FINNEAS.

Who Voted Off Idol tonight?

Caleb Kennedy, a 16-year-old “American Idol” contestant from Roebuck, has exited the singing competition after a video that appears to show Kennedy and a friend wearing what has been likened to a Ku Klux Klan hood surfaced on the internet.

Who got cut from 2021 Idol?

Wyatt Pike breaks silence on sudden ‘American Idol’ exit, says he left for ‘personal reasons’ “American Idol” frontrunner Wyatt Pike is speaking out after shocking viewers with a sudden and unexplained exit from the reality singing competition.

Who dropped out of American Idol 2020?

After dropping out of the American Idol finale Sunday, season 18 contestant Arthur Gunn has released an official statement, posting a note on Instagram that explained his decision to leave the ABC show so abruptly.

Who was voted off American?

Northern Kentucky University student Alyssa Wray was voted off “American Idol” on Sunday’s episode. The ABC reality singing competition returned Sunday with a live show that saw the top 10 perform songs from Disney movies.

Why did Wyatt pipe drop out of American Idol?

Fan-favorite Wyatt Pike dropped out of American Idol for personal reasons and has been releasing his own original music since he left the show.

Why did Arthur Gunn get voted off American Idol?

American Idol’s Arthur Gunn Dropped Out of Finale Due to ‘Personal Morals’ and ‘Unpleasant’ Experiences.

Why did Alyssa get voted off American Idol?

NKU student Alyssa Wray eliminated from ‘American Idol’ after ‘elegant,’ ‘amazing’ performance. Northern Kentucky University freshman Alyssa Wray was eliminated from “American Idol” on Sunday, despite a performance that judges described as “amazing” and “elegant and elevated” in their praise.