Who owns Zyr Vodka?

Founder David Katz
Symphony Importers is an American family-owned business, which created, imports, markets and sells ZYR Vodka. Founder David Katz and his team do one thing right, and have done this since 2002, when US headquarters were out of his small apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Where is Zyr Vodka made?

The Making of Zyr The vodka uses winter wheat and rye that is grown near Moscow. The fermented grains are distilled five times then combined with water. The water comes from northwestern Russia, near the border with Finland, and is filtered five times before it touches the distillate.

Is zyr vodka good?

Flavor: Zyr is outstanding. Smooth, slightly astringent, it goes well with pretty much everything and is a very nice sipper. On the other hand, it’s $30 per bottle, which makes it – by far – the most expensive option on this list. Though it may have an impressive history, Smirnoff has slowly debased its brand.

What does zyr mean in Russian?

reflection of the world
ZYR is short for the Russian phrase “zyrkalo mira” meaning “reflection of the world”. NAS. 40.0.

What does ZYR mean in Russian?

Is Jewel of Russia a good vodka?

It is mildly spicy, full bodied, and not hampered by the disinfectant smell of lesser vodkas. This is a vodka you can sip straight or on the rocks. In fact, it may be treasonous to mix Jewel of Russia with anything! Jewel of Russia is the Best Vodka on the Planet.

Why is Diva vodka so expensive?

Diva Vodka – US$1,000,000 That helps increase the cost of the drink, but the real expense comes with the packaging. Diva Vodka features Swarovski crystals running through the middle of the bottle, which can be used as a garnish for the drink, and help push the price tag up to the US$1m.

How much is a shot of Diva Vodka?

It’s only decorated with Swarovski crystals (pout), but at only $150, or $6 a shot.