Who owns Pyramid Healthcare Inc?

CEO Jonathan Wolf
Founded in 1999 by CEO Jonathan Wolf, Pyramid Healthcare offers substance use and mental health programs that help individuals of all ages manage chemical dependency, mental health, eating disorders and autism with education and treatment.

How much is Pyramid Healthcare worth?

Based in Pennsylvania, Pyramid Healthcare is a medium-sized health care company with 700 employees and a revenue of $21.0M. To always provide exceptional care and support to those we serve.

How many employees does Pyramid Healthcare have?

Pyramid Healthcare, Inc. is part of Pyramid Healthcare – an integrated system of behavioral healthcare programs, employing a staff of 1,400+ and operating 80+ facilities and 6 schools across the eastern United States, offering a variety of treatment and recovery services for adults and teens.

Who is the CEO of Pyramid Healthcare?

Jonathan Wolf
Jonathan Wolf, Founder & CEO.

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What is pyramid healthcare?

Welcome to Pyramid Healthcare. A premier provider of high quality, behavioral health care founded in 1999 and headquartered in central Pennsylvania, we operate over 80 facilities across the Commonwealth, New Jersey, and North Carolina and offer a full continuum of mental health, treatment and recovery services for adults and teens.

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