Who is the owner of Pai International?

Rajkumar Pai – Founder
Rajkumar Pai – Founder and Managing Director – Pai International Electronics Ltd | LinkedIn.

How do I check my Pai points?

You can find out Pai International card balance by phone balance check, visit store counter/ help desk. Information for Pai International gift card balance inquiry to see remaining balance and transactions.

What is the use of Pai International points?

Redeem Points – Pai International Offers you to redeem your points for the Banks associated with Max Get More on every Purchase. Also Earn 2 Points for every Rs. 100/- Spent with Pai International.

How do I check my lucky draw on Pai International?

Whereby to Check – PAI International Mega Festival Sale Draw Results 2021

  1. Draw Performers need to move to the Its Official Site PAI International.
  2. On the Homepage, you can find the Draw Results Section which is available on the Main Menu.
  3. Click on the Results and Hit New Year Super Sale 2021 Results link.

What is Pai medicine?

PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) is a science-backed health score that measures the heart health impact of physical activity. It gives you a personalized score, based on your profile and heart rate data to tell you if you’re doing enough, measuring what matters and keeping you motivated.

Is Pai a good indicator?

To achieve 100 PAI was a better predictor of future health benefits than achieving today’s exercise recommendations. In another study, we showed that persons who exercise enough to get 100 PAI over a 7-day period can sit a lot without having increased cardiovascular risk.

What is a good pai?

100 PAI is optimal for smokers, obese persons, and individuals with hypertension or type 2 diabetes. Even those who achieve 50 PAI every week have considerable health benefits compared to those who are inactive.

What is Pai rate?

PAI stands for Personal Activity Intelligence; it’s a scientifically-backed metric that takes your heart rate during all activity (yes, even those that don’t involve steps) to generate PAI.

Is Pai a Konkani surname?

Pai is a surname from coastal Karnataka, Kerala and Goa in India. The name is also in use among some Konkani Catholics who trace their ancestry to the Goud Saraswat Brahmins of Karnataka, Kerala and Goa.

What is Konkani caste?

Konkani Hindu Brahmins are those Brahmins whose mother-tongue is Konkani or Marathi. They hail mainly from coastal Maharashtra, Goa and coastal Karnataka and from other areas like Gujarat and Kerala.