Who is the best defensive first baseman ever?

Keith Hernandez
1. Keith Hernandez. Hernandez is the hands down best defensive first baseman of all time. There’s the 11 career Gold Gloves, more than any other first baseman ever.

Who is the best defensive player in MLB history?

Ozzie Smith+
Career Leaders & Records for Defensive WAR

Rank Player (yrs, age) Defensive WAR
1. Ozzie Smith+ (19) 44.2
2. Mark Belanger (18) 39.5
3. Brooks Robinson+ (23) 39.1
4. Cal Ripken Jr.+ (21) 35.7

Is Keith Hernandez Hof?

In terms of an all-around game, Hernandez is one of the finest first basemen ever. Between a 10-year peak from 1977-1986, only seven players had a better batting average than Hernandez’s ….More videos on YouTube.

Player Keith Hernandez
Position 1st Base
WAR 60.3
OPS+ 128
Runs From Fielding 117

Who is the best 2nd baseman of all time?

MLB’s 10 Greatest Second Basemen of All Time

  1. Joe Morgan. Morgan is the greatest second baseman ever.
  2. Rogers Hornsby. Hornsby is one of the greatest hitters of all-time.
  3. Ryne Sandberg. Sandberg was also a great offensive and defensive second baseman.
  4. Roberto Alomar.
  5. Jackie Robinson.
  6. Eddie Collins.
  7. Jeff Kent.
  8. Craig Biggio.

Who is the best defensive outfielder in baseball history?

Willie Mays, on the other hand, was arguably the best defensive outfielder ever. He won 12 consecutive Gold Gloves from 1957-68, tying Roberto Clemente for the most by an outfielder.

Who is the best defensive outfielder of all time?

Ozzie Smith is generally regarded as the greatest defensive player of all time. Defensive WAR shows as much. Defense is why he flew into the Hall with ease on his first try (91.7%). He did rack up 2,460 hits and 580 steals, but he was a career .

Who are the best defensive center fielders of all time?

Based on the advanced metrics available on Baseball-Reference and Fan Graphs, Jones is the best defensive center fielder in the history of baseball. Using the Baseball-Reference numbers, he saved 234.7 runs defensively over his career.

Who is the greatest outfielder ever?

Hall of Fame * Veterans Committee **

Rank Player Name Ranking
1 Babe Ruth* 5.399
2 Ted Williams* 5.087
3 Barry Bonds 4.855
4 Ty Cobb* 4.839

Who is the best first baseman of all time?

10 Best Defensive First Basemen in Baseball History 1 Keith Hernandez. Hernandez is the hands down best defensive first baseman of all time. 2 Albert Pujols. Pujols will go down one day as one of the greatest hitters to ever live, 3 Don Mattingly. Donnie Baseball had a fantastic career as a Yankee, 4 J.T. Snow. Snow was nearly flawless

Who are the top 10 MLB players of all time?

1 Keith Hernandez. 2 Albert Pujols. 3 Don Mattingly. 4 J.T. 5 Todd Helton. 6 Mark Teixeira. 7 Vic Power. 8 John Olerud. 9 Mark Grace. 10 Casey Kotchman.

Was Tim Grace the best first baseman of the 1990s?

Still, there was barely anybody better during the early 1990’s. Grace is fourth all-time in assists as a first baseman and his 77 zone runs rank him sixth. His .995 career fielding percentage is only 27th in baseball history, but he did finish in the top three in the National League in fielding for six separate seasons.

What happened to first base in baseball?

First base used to be the position where you put your biggest bat, a position you locked down with a power hitter, gave a big contract to them and then forgot about it for the next half-decade. But today’s teams just don’t value first the way they used to.