Who is Mikel Tomaszewski?

Tomaszewski is best remembered by some for his performance for Poland against England, in a qualifying match for the 1974 World Cup, which England needed to win.

Who is Wladyslaw Tomaszewski?

Tomaszewski grew up in Wrocław where his parents were expelled from Vilnius after World War II. Tomaszewski’s club career was mainly at ŁKS Łódź, having been forbidden by Poland’s communist government to play abroad before the age of 30, even after coming to international attention.

How old is Jan Tomaszewski?

Jan Tomaszewski (born 9 January 1948) is a Polish former professional footballer who played as a goalkeeper in the 1970s. He kept goal for the Poland national teams that came third at the 1974 World Cup, where he was named Best Goalkeeper, that won the silver medal at the 1976 Summer Olympics, and that competed at the 1978 World Cup.

Who was Ivan Tomashevsky?

He was a member of the Moscow linguistic circle, the OPOJAZ and the Union of Soviet Writers . Tomashevsky finished Gymnasium (high school) in 1908 but was unable to attend the Polytechnical Institute.