Who is Jean-Georges wife?

Marja Allenm. 2004
Jean-Georges Vongerichten/Wife
Marja Vongerichten, wife of three-star Michelin chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, may not have culinary degrees, or enough James Beard Awards to wallpaper a loft. Yet. Because when it comes to cooking Korean, even her husband can’t compete with her fare.

How expensive is Jean-Georges?

Diners can choose from a selection of prix fixe menus, with the least expensive, a three-course dinner, priced at $138 a person. There are also two six-course tasting menus that cost $218 a person, plus a two-course lunch for $58 each.

Where is Jean-Georges Vongerichten from?

Alsace, France
Jean-Georges Vongerichten/Place of birth

Born and raised on the outskirts of Strasbourg in Alsace, France, Jean-Georges’ earliest family memories are of food.

Does Jean-Georges have a dress code?

Impeccable service, tableside preparations, and floor-to-ceiling windows with stunning views of Central Park and Columbus Circle all contribute to an unforgettable dining experience. Gentleman are encouraged to wear a jacket. No jeans, sweatshirts or sneakers allowed. Tie is not required.

Is Jean George still married?

He remarried in 2004. His new wife, Marja Vongerichten, had been working in the reservation office at Jean-Georges.

Where does Jean George live?

Street address 1 Central Park West (between West 60th Street and West 61st Street), on the lobby level of the Trump International Hotel and Tower, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan
City New York City
State New York
Postal/ZIP Code 10023

How much do you tip at Jean Georges?

The three course lunch menu, $128 at this time last year, is now $138, or $150 after tax — all of the restaurant’s prices are reflective of service, or “hospitality,” so there’s no need to tip.

Why did Jean Georges lose a star?

The restaurant lost a star in the latest version of the Michelin Guide. The guide’s reviewers said the restaurant had experienced “a slow glide downward.”

How many Michelin stars are there?

Number of Michelin star restaurants in the world As of November 2020, there are currently 2,651 restaurants in the world with at least one Michelin star. For a more precise breakdown, that’s 2,160 restaurants with one star, 385 restaurants with two stars, and 106 boasting the coveted three stars.

How old is Marja Vongerichten?

About 46 years (1976)
Marja Allen/Age

How did Marja meet Jean-Georges?

Marja met Jean-Georges through a mutual friend soon after settling in New York. When they began living together, she brought her kimchi with her. “I opened the fridge and thought something had died,” Jean-Georges recalls. Even so, the relationship progressed.