Who is Amelia DIMZ?

Amelia Dimoldenberg (/dɪˈmoʊldənbɜːrɡ/; born 30 January 1994) is an English journalist, comedian, YouTuber, and television presenter. She created the web series Chicken Shop Date, in which she interviews rappers, grime artists aswell as other YouTubers and Premier League footballers in fried chicken restaurants.

How old is Amelia DINZ?

Amelia Dimoldenberg is a YouTuber who has her own series where she interviews grime artists in fried chicken shops in London. She is 24 years old and from London.

What age is Amelia dimoldenberg?

27 years (January 30, 1994)Amelia Dimoldenberg / Age

Why is Amelia dimoldenberg famous?

Amelia Dimoldenberg is the Founder and CEO of Chicken Shop Date, a one-of-a-kind dating show with over 170,000 subscribers on YouTube. Combining fried chicken with flirting, she is well-known for her distinctive style and has interviewed some of the biggest names in UK grime and rap.

What school did Amelia dimoldenberg?

Central Saint Martins2017
Central Saint Martins
Amelia Dimoldenberg/Education

How old is the chicken connoisseur?

About 28 years (May 1993)The Chicken Connoisseur / Age

Where do they film Chicken shop date?

Best known for her YouTube Channel Chicken Shop Dates, Amelia shares her nuggets of wisdom on the best chicken in town. Having taken an array of big-time grime and rap artists on dates to Chicken Shops all across London, it’s safe to say her top 5 are a great guide to go by.

What degree is Nella Rose?

“Ugh, I literally did not want to go to uni at all,” says YouTuber Nella Rose (140,000 subscribers) on the phone from the University of Leicester, where she studies sociology.

What age is the Pengest munch?

Companies House records, however, list his birth month as May 1993, making the YouTube star 25 years old.

What happened to the Pengest munch?

The online food critic, real name Elijah Quashie, has gained plenty of fans and millions of online hits for his show reviewing south London takeaways, called “The Pengest Munch.” But he has found himself in hot water after it emerged his latest companion rapper Bonkaz is a convicted sex offender.

Are all morleys halal?

While Morley’s has clarified: “Most of our stores are Halal, but some are not,” it also confirmed with FtLion that “yes, this store is Halal”. Located near Arsenal football stadium, the brand is of course renowned for its fried chicken, but also offers around a dozen burgers, as well as wings and its famous BBQ ribs.

Who did Adeola Patronne have a channel with?

Adeola speaks on her new love/hobby for music and how she feels about quitting her 9-5 job to pursue Youtube full time. Your Youtube channel ‘The Patronnes’ along with Sola Patronne has grown from strength to strength within the last few years, what do you feel has been the key to maintaining a good online presence?