Who does Yui have a crush on in K-on?

Yui became enamored with Azusa immediately, often hugging her, and gave Azusa the nickname “Azu-nyan” (-nyan is a Japanese suffix associated with cats) after convincing her to try on a pair of cat ears and say “nyan”, which would continue to be used by Yui throughout the series.

Do Mio and Ritsu like each other?

Mio was depressed because of her shyness, so Ritsu encouraged Mio to imagine the audience as pineapples, which allowed Mio to get over her stage fright. Since then, the two have been best friends despite their very different personalities.

Will there be K-on season 3?

Not a third season, but possibly a remake with the original cast or a Shuffle anime, there were no mobile gacha games when K-ON!

Is K-on ending?

According to a Twitter post made a week ago, the final two chapters to the Kirara K-On! manga (documenting the university side of the story) will be released on June 9.

Is K-ON ending?

Who is Tsumugi’s crush?

Headcanon: Tsumugi had a crush on Kirumi. It was most likely mutual but Tsumugi knew that she couldn’t confess to her because it would interfere with the Killing Game.

Is Mugi like Ritsu?

The two do not have the closest relationship among the HTT members, but Mugi has always enjoyed Ritsu’s company. One day, the two run into each other and decide to go out together. Ritsu brought Mugi to places like the arcade, because she knew that Mugi was rich so she would not have the chance to visit these places.

Is Mio a Ritsu?

Mio and Ritsu first met in elementary school, and they are childhood friends. Ritsu often picked on Mio due to her left handedness and shyness, among other things. They both have a similar interest in photography, and Mio brings a film camera around while Ritsu brings a digital camera around.

Does Mio have a crush on Yui?

Mio has also shown admiration for Yui’s ability to uplift the spirits of her friends and share her energy with those around her. Nodoka Manabe and Mio Akiyama became good friends during their second year of high school as Mio was the only person Nodoka knew in her class.