Which commemorative coins are worth money?

Modern Commemorative Silver Dollars Average Prices and Values

Date, Mint & Theme Buy Sell
1986-P Statue of Liberty Centennial $41.00 $30.00
1986-S Statue of Liberty Centennial Proof $39.00 $28.00
1987-P U.S. Constitution Bicentennial $42.00 $31.00
1987-S U.S. Constitution Bicentennial Proof $41.00 $30.00

Are any Australian $2 coins valuable?

The 2012 Remembrance Day coloured “Red Poppy” $2 coin: Just over half a million of these coins were made and these could be “worth up to $145.” These coins can be identified by the red poppy in the centre of one side of the coin, surrounded by the words “Two Dollars Remembrance”.

Are there any coins that are worth money in Australia?

A Valuable Mule Dollar Found in Change. The Year 2000 $1/10c Mule is the number 2 on our list of Australian Coins that are worth money. The result of an accidental pairing of a 10 cent heads (obverse) die and the normal mob of roos reverse die it’s thought that between 5000-10000 of these coins were minted.

What are collector coins from the Royal Australian Mint?

Collector Coins. The Royal Australian Mint makes a range of collector coins to suit different budgets, interests and reasons for collecting. The best way to choose which type of coin is best for you is by understanding the different finishes we use on our collector coins. These are the coins which form the basis of many coin collections.

How rare is an Australian coin with the coat of arms?

They depict the Commonwealth Coat of Arms on the reverse as well as the words AUSTRALIA, SOVEREIGN, and The Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mintmark. There are about 2,500 copies, meaning they are rare and won’t be found easily.

How many copies of the Australian one cent are there?

There are about 2,500 copies, meaning they are rare and won’t be found easily. Valuable Australian One Cent to look for – The 2000 $1/10c Mule Another rare coin to watch out for is the 2000 $1/10c Mule. Just this year, a Melbourne mother hit the jackpot when she found this precious coin – gaining $3,000.