Where is the paint code on a Kia?

driver side door jamb
On all Kia models, the paint color code is on the driver side door jamb. The code itself is usually made up of two characters, one letter and one number but it can also be a small combination of letters only (ie. ABT).

Do all Kia Souls have black interior?

Interior Color and Upholstery Options Choose from all-black or two-tone black and grey interior trim and seating upholstery.

Where is the paint code on a 2012 Kia Soul?

The color code can be located in the driver side door jamb.

What color is Kia paint code IM?

Titanium Silver Metallic
PAINTSCRATCH Touch Up Paint Pen Car Scratch Repair Kit – Compatible/Replacement for 2019 Kia Soul Titanium Silver Metallic (Color Code: IM)

Does Kia Soul come with leather seats?

When you grab a seat inside the Kia Soul, you can set the perfect mood for your drive. There’s a choice between cloth and synthetic leather-trimmed seats. This car is equipped for all seasons, too, with available heated and ventilated front seats and a heated steering wheel.

Does the Kia Soul have a moonroof?

Used Vehicles with a Sunroof or Moonroof Kia – The Kia Soul, Optima, Cadenza, and more have sunroof options available. Acura – Acura MDX, RDX, TLX, and TSX models equipped with a power moonroof.

Are Kia Souls fun to drive?

Inside, the 2020 Kia Soul has a few unique selling points. Because of its boxy shape, it has plenty of interior space, and 60/40 split-folding rear seats add to the Soul’s versatility. Kia’s second best-selling vehicle, and Edmund’s appreciated that the Soul is surprisingly fun to drive.

What does Kia Soul mean?

The Kia Soul is an inexpensive runabout with youthful styling, good fuel economy and utilitarian design and features. The goal with Soul is to stand out in a sea of sameness. In spite of its shape, the Kia Soul is a car. It is not an SUV.

Is Kia Soul a car?

Kia Soul is a highly-successful compact crossover vehicle, which has been first unveiled at the Paris Auto Show back in 2008 and put on sale globally in the following year. Built on the front-wheel-drive platform, the Soul belongs to the segment of “boxy” cars, which have been particularly popular in the United States.

Where is the Kia Soul?

The Kia Soul is a front-engine, front-wheel-drive, five-door subcompact crossover SUV (Mini MPV) manufactured and marketed worldwide by Kia and now in its second generation. Designed at Kia’s design center in California, the Soul debuted at the 2008 Paris Motor Show and is manufactured in South Korea.

What color is Kia?

The two digit color code B3 specifies the Kia color Mica Blue Metallic Clearcoat. Kia is one of the few manufacturers who make this really easy. Same Kia Color Code, Different Name. Kia, like all manufacturers, uses the exact same color on multiple models but calls it a different name on each of them.