Where is Kurt Weill from?

Dessau, Dessau-Roßlau, Germany
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What kind of music did Kurt Weill compose?

He began his musical career composing complex modernist music that was appreciated by an esoteric elite, then shifted to creating music for the general public. Weill composed works ranging from symphonic music and opera to tangos, jazz songs, and pop hits for the theater, radio, and films.

How did Kurt Weill die?

Heart attack
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When did Kurt Weill leave Germany?

It hasn’t been difficult for Germany to neglect one of its most significant and innovative composers: Weill, born in 1900, left the country in 1933 and vehemently rejected the idea of returning.

Who did Kurt Weill marry?

Lotte Lenyam. 1937–1950
Lotte Lenyam. 1926–1933
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Who was Kurt Weill’s wife?

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Who was the wife of Kurt Weill?

Was Kurt Weill a socialist?

Kurt Weill was born in Dessau, Germany, on 2nd March, 1900. Weill was a socialist and when Hitler gained power in 1933 he was forced to flee from Germany. He settled in the United States where he soon became involved in the Group Theatre in New York.

Who was Lotte Lenya married to?

Richard Siemanowskim. 1971–1973
Russell Detweillerm. 1962–1969George Davism. 1951–1957Kurt Weillm. 1937–1950Kurt Weillm. 1926–1933
Lotte Lenya/Spouse

Who wrote September song?

Earth, Wind & Fire
SHAPIRO: That’s “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire. Grammy winner Allee Willis wrote it. She died yesterday at 72. Willis never learned to play an instrument or read music.

How old is Lotte Lenya?

83 years (1898–1981)
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Lotte Lenya, a star of the German and American stage and films who championed the music of her husband, Kurt Weill, died in the Manhattan apartment of a friend last evening. She was 83 years old.

Who wrote for Earth Wind and Fire?

Allee Willis

Allee Willis
Died December 24, 2019 (aged 72) Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Occupation(s) Songwriter, multimedia artist, art director, collector
Associated acts Earth, Wind & Fire
Website alleewillis.com