Where do I train for Cataclysm mining?

Cataclysm mining trainer You can find a trainer in the capital of your faction. Just ask the guards to show you the way.

Can you smelt to 300 Mining?

Leveling Mining 250-300 The only way to reach 300 is to smelt Dark Iron Ore or Complete the Darkmoon Quest.

What level Mining do you need for Outlands?

In all Outlands zones; most plentiful in Hellfire Peninsula. Adamantite Deposit (325 minimum mining level) – yields 1-9 Adamantite Ore. In all Outlands zones except Hellfire Peninsula; most plentiful in Nagrand and Blade’s Edge Mountains. Rich Adamantite Deposit (350 minimum mining level) – yields 1-12 Adamantite Ore.

How do I get Cataclysm Jewelcrafting?

You can learn Cataclysm Jewelcrafting from one of the trainers in the main cities of old Azeroth. If you are having trouble finding the trainer just walk up to a guard in any major city and ask where the Jewelcrafting trainer is. Asking the guard will place a red marker on your map at the trainer’s location.

How do I get mining past 300?

To get mining and BS past 300 you need to go get training in the blacksmith in honor hold the mining trainer is sitting on the floor.

Where is the Cataclysm Jewelcrafting trainer?

A full list of available jewelcrafting trainers in the world. Cataclysm, all profession trainers can now train up to Illustrious….Jewelcrafting trainers.

Trainable rank Apprentice Journeyman Expert Artisan
Trainer Aleinia
Location Falconwing Square
Eversong Woods
Coordinates [48.5, 47.4]

What is the required ore level in Cata state?

Ore Required Level Obsidium Deposit 425 Pure Saronite Deposit Added in Cata 450 Rich Obsidium Deposit Added in Cata 450 Titanium Vein 450

What is the best mining route in Minecraft for leveling?

Orc & Troll – Durotar – This mining route is shorter than the others above, but just as efficient for leveling. Durotar is full of mountains and you could probably develop your own mining route if this one doesn’t work for you. I like to keep the mining leveling routes nice and simple in this guide.

How do I level up mining in Night Elves and worgen?

Night Elves & Worgen – Darkshore – Darnassus is pretty ghetto so you have to come to Darkshore to do your mining leveling. Darkshore is a huge zone, there are nodes scattered all off to each side of this route. The southern half is higher level range so do half circles of the route if that is an issue.

How much cobalt do I need to mine?

Remember you must be at least 350 to start mining the regular cobalt nodes, the rich cobalt requires 375 mining.