Where can I watch the Kdrama angry mom?

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How many episodes are there in angry mom?

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What happens at the end of Angry Mom?

He received forgiveness in the end for framing Kang-ja as the murderer of his brother, and sentenced to serve two years in prison. His kindness and concern initially made Ah-ran mistakenly believing that Dong-chil was her biological father until Dong-chil himself admits he was not.

Who is the father of AH ran in angry mom?

The big secret of the series is, “Who is Ah-Ran’s biological father?” It wasn’t Ahn Dong-Chil — the local gangster, who terrorizes everyone. Rather, it was Dong-Chil’s younger brother, who had been Kang-Ja’s high school sweetheart.

How do I stop being a mean mom?

If you’re feeling like a perpetual angry mom, you likely need to take some time alone. Get your husband to watch the kids or another family member. Put them all to bed early and do something that helps you relax or recharge. If you can manage, go on a mommy vacation for a weekend.

What is mom Korean variety?

This drama tell the story of a mom who stay with her children again after her children jobless. Na Moon Hee is a owner of a noodle shop. Her children already independent and stay in their own house. After jobless, their children come back to the home again, stay and work together in her noodle house. Cast.

How do I stop being angry at my mom?

How do I make my mom less angry?

How many episodes of Angry Mom are there?

Angry Mom (Korean: 앵그리맘; RR: Aenggeurimam) is a 2015 South Korean television series starring Kim Hee-sun, Kim Yoo-jung, and Ji Hyun-woo. It aired on MBC from March 18 to May 7, 2015 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 22:00 for 16 episodes. The screenplay was nominated for the Excellence Award at MBC’s 2014 Script Contest.

What did Sang tae’s mom say to him?

Sang-tae’s mom, aka Team Princess’s smoking gun, arrives in country and apologizes to Sang-tae for being so late to come back for him. He cries on her shoulder and then counters with an apology of his own for not being able to protect her back then, which just breaks my heart even more.

What is Kang-ja upset with a-ran?

Video Top 10 Best Romance-Comedy Chinese Dramas That’ll Make You Wish You Were In Love! Kang-ja is upset because A-ran avoids her. A-ran tries to help her friend, Yi-kyung when she becomes a victim of school violence.

What happened to Ahran’s mother in BTS?

A female delinquent student who bullied Ah-ran but later became a follower of “Jo Bang-wool”, who was actually Ah-ran’s mother. A female delinquent student who was Jung-hee’s friend. She later died in an accident that occurred in the school, which also killed four more students and also Kang-ja’s husband.