Where can I watch The Apprentice UK Season 1?

BBC One – The Apprentice – Available now.

Who was in the first series of The Apprentice?

Tim Campbell

Candidate Background Result
Tim Campbell Transport Manager Winner
Saira Khan Sales Manager Runner-up
Paul Torrisi Property Developer Fired after Interviews stage
James Max Investment Banker

Who won the first series of The Apprentice?

Tim Campbell (businessman) Timothy Campbell MBE is an English businessman best known as the winner of the first series of the British version of The Apprentice, a BBC TV reality show in which contestants then battled to win a £100,000-a-year job working for businessman Alan Sugar.

How many seasons of The Apprentice UK are there?

The Apprentice (British TV series)

The Apprentice
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language English
No. of series 15
No. of episodes 210 (including 26 specials)

Where can I watch Season 1 of The Apprentice?

The collection of 15 seasons start season 1, episode 1, “Meet the Billionaire,” and are available on the web or on any of Tubi’s apps: The Apprentice seasons 1 to 7.

Can you watch The Apprentice on Netflix?

Netflix has all the seasons of The Celebrity Apprentice ready for streaming. However, newer episodes take a while to become available. Hulu, on the other hand, is partially owned by NBC so it’s no wonder that the latest episodes are available within a few hours. So, that’s obviously good news for Hulu subscribers.

Who won Season 1 of The Apprentice UK?

The Apprentice – Season 1/Winners

Who won Apprentice 2006 UK?

Michelle Dewberry

Candidate Background Result
Michelle Dewberry Telecoms Consultant Winner
Ruth Badger Sales Manager Runner-up
Ansell Henry Sales Manager Fired after Interviews stage
Paul Tulip Headhunter

How many episodes of The Apprentice are there?

The Apprentice/Number of episodes

How many episodes in a season of The Apprentice?

Lifestyle mogul Martha Stewart hosted the one-season spin-off The Apprentice: Martha Stewart in 2005….The Apprentice (American TV series)

The Apprentice
No. of seasons 15
No. of episodes 192
Producers Mark Burnett Donald Trump Arnold Schwarzenegger (2017)

Where can u watch The Apprentice?

Watch The Celebrity Apprentice Episodes at NBC.com.

Who are the winners of the apprentice?

Bill Rancic. Bill Rancic was the first-ever winner of “The Apprentice,” back in 2004. Rancic is married to E! host Giuliana Rancic. After winning the competition, Rancic worked for Trump for two years. He then branched out and now works as an entrepreneur and motivational speaker.

Where to watch the apprentice?

The quickest and easiest option to watch The Apprentice online is through the BBC iPlayer. Episodes will usually be up within a half-hour of airing. However, the streaming isn’t available from outside of the UK. Can I Watch The Apprentice Online Live?

When did the apprentice air?

The Apprentice is a reality television show that first aired in 2004 in the United States. The person who came up with the show was Mark Burnett , who earlier successfully brought the British series Survivor to the US.