Where can I take the Monty Roberts horsemanship course?

All Monty Roberts Instructors are certified to teach the Monty Roberts horsemanship courses, including the Introductory Course of Horsemanship and its exam. The Advanced Certification Course can only be completed at The Monty Roberts International Learning Center in the Santa Ynez Valley, California.

What is the Monty Roberts online university?

The Monty Roberts Online University has over 550 quick and easy training and instructional videos , lesson notes, and supportive learning tools – and its growing with a new lesson added every week. Learn at your own pace with Monty Roberts.

What is the Monty Roberts’ Mustang & transition horse program?

The Monty Roberts’ Mustang & Transition Horse Program (MRTHP), in partnership with the ASPCA’s The Right Horse Initiative, bridges the gap between horses in transition and adopters by providing much-needed ground manners and ridden training to help these horses become safer and more adoptable.

Who is the host of the Monty Python show?

Hosted by Monty’s daughter, Debbie Roberts Loucks, the show includes segments, tips and interviews exploring good horsemanship. The MR Online University presents this podcast on the Horse Radio Network.

What is Monty’s Special Training?

Monty’s Special Training is a unique opportunity to be at Flag Is Up Farms with Monty, watching, asking questions and learning as Monty Roberts and a team of his Certified Instructors work with a range of young and remedial horses. Join~Us each summer for the experience of a lifetime! Gentle wild horses in California with Monty Roberts.

When did Monty Roberts become a certified instructor?

He became a certified instructor in September 2012 and is now back in the UK and will be running courses in Monty’s concepts including Join-Up® and Long Lining clinics, Horsemanship 101 and the Introductory course. He is also a member of the Monty Roberts Instructor Committee.

Who is Monty Roberts?

Monty Roberts and his team of Certified Instructors at the Monty Roberts International Learning Center have spent the past two decades changing horse and human lives for the better teaching his globally acclaimed non-violent methods.